What is a Twitter list or what is a list on Twitter rather? Well, this is a very simple one. And since the Twitter platform is a very simple platform, this shouldn’t cause you any trouble at all.

Twitter as a social media platform is on par with the very best in the game such as Facebook and the like of it. Twitter has been around for quite a long time now. As a user or an account holder on this platform, here is something I have noticed during my time.

Twitter list

Twitter is a very huge and vast social media platform. There are features and tools on this platform that you never know exist, but trust me, they are still very much around and active. And in today’s article, I will be writing exclusively on one of the important features of the WhatsApp platform ‘the Twitter list’.


Twitter List

What is a Twitter list once again? A list on Twitter is one of the many features on the platform as you may have known by now. This very feature is a curated or compiled group of accounts on Twitter.

As a user on this platform, you can either create your own list on the platform or follow the ones created by other users on the platform, it’s that easy. As a user on Twitter, you are allowed to create up to one thousand lists on the platform and each of these lists can only contain up to five thousand users. When you view a list’s timeline, you will be displayed to tweets from the curated and selected accounts only.

As a marketer or business-oriented person on Twitter, this feature is a must-use and must-have. The idea behind this twitter feature is simply brilliant. With the Twitter list, one can easily manage, guide, and follow conversations on the Twitter environment. With this in place, you can easily follow accounts and tweets from particular persons and brands. Now that you have known what a list on Twitter is, I will be directing you on how to access lists on Twitter and also how you could create your very own list on the platform. To therefore get access to these pieces of information you will need to continue reading.

How To Access Twitter Lists

As a user or account holder on the Twitter social media platform, getting access to this platform is free and easy. But before you can access this feature on the platform, you will need to have your very own account.

If you don’t have an account on this platform, you will need to create one now. Creating a Twitter account is free and easy. To begin with the account creation process on this platform, go to Twitter Account Sign Up. You can also sign up for an account via the Twitter app.

In the Twitter app on iOS or Android devices, you will see a prompt to discover new lists on the platform. and if you are interested in a list suggested to you, tap on the follow button or tab. From the prompt, you can also tap on the show more tab to discover other lists on the platform.

You will be directed to the lists page, where you will have access to browse through other lists on the platform. on this page, you can also search for other lists you would love to follow. You will also be shown tweets from lists you follow on your home timeline.

How To Create A List On Twitter

Creating a list on Twitter and in a short few steps you should be up and running in a short time. To create a list on Twitter, follow the steps below;


  • Click on the lists tab in the navigation bar.
  • On the lists page or pop up, click on the ‘create new list’ icon at the top of the page.
  • You will have to choose a name for your new list and this cannot exceed 25 characters and also cannot begin with a number. You will also have to choose if you want your list to be private or public.
  • Click on the Next button, search for people to add to your list, and click on done to finish the whole process. Your lists have been created. Follow the same steps to create other lists on the platform.


  • Open the Twitter app on your android device.
  • Tap on neither your profile icon nor the navigation menu icon at the top of the page.
  • Select lists from the menu page.
  • Tap the new list icon.
  • Select a name for your list and adhere to the rules given above.
  • Lastly, tap on save when you are done.


  • Open the Twitter app on your device and make sure you are logged in.
  • Click on lists on the navigation bar.
  • Click on create new list icon at the top of the lists page.
  • Select a name for your list, add a short description of the list and select a privacy option for your list, private or public.
  • Click on next. Search for people to add to your list and click on done when you are finished.

That’s it about creating a list on Twitter. If you wish to remove yourself from a list, you can. To do this, you will have to block the creator of the said list. You can view the lists you are a member of via your lists tab on the platform.

Are lists private on Twitter?

Twitter provides users with the option to make their lists private or public. If you create a private list, only you and the users you have added to the list can see the list and its members. Public lists, on the other hand, are visible to anyone on Twitter and can be followed by other users.

To make a list private, you can go to your Twitter profile, click on “Lists,” select the list you want to make private, and then click on the three-dot icon. From there, you can select “List privacy” and change the privacy setting to “Only you can access this list.”

It’s important to note that even if your list is private, the users you have added to the list will be notified that they have been added to it. So, if you want to keep your lists completely private, be careful about the users you add to them.


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