What is the Twitter messenger? Does it mean that finally there is a direct messaging app for Twitter? Would you love to find out? If you would then you will have to continue reading this beautiful and wonderful piece.

Twitter users over the years till this present day have all been waiting for an official Twitter messaging app just like that of the Facebook messenger app but this is still not the case. Well while there has been a rumor here and there about an app being in the works, nothing concrete has been released, ‘yet’.

But in the main time what do you do. I mean, of course, you can still send direct messaged via the Twitter main platform, but what if I tell you that there is an actual third-party app that is specially developed for direct messages on Twitter?

Twitter Messenger

Twitter Messenger

Is there a direct messaging app for Twitter? Personally, as a Twitter user, I can’t wait for the platform to release or launch a direct messaging app. But unfortunately, that day hasn’t come yet. But here is something you should also know.

The fact that Twitter has not yet released an official direct messaging app for their platform doesn’t mean that third-party developers are not working on one already. It just might be that you have heard about the direct messenger app or Twitter.

This app has been gaining popularity among Twitter users and account holders. The direct messenger for the Twitter app is an unofficial messaging app for Twitter DM according to TechCrunch.

Now, the possibility that a huge chunk of the Twitter community hasn’t heard of this app is high. As you continue reading you are going to get to know what you can do with this app and what you cannot do with the unofficial twitter messaging app for DM.

What You Can Do With The Unofficial Twitter Messaging App

For the remainder of this content, this app will be referred to as the unofficial messaging app for Twitter because the app is not yet official and it is also developed by a third-party developer.

Meaning that Twitter does not know about this a and even if they do they have no part in it. This app only does one thing or it is known for one thing rather. You can only send and receive messages with the Twitter messenger app.

To make use of this app, you are going to have to download it of course. When you open the app, you will see a list of your previous private conversations. The conversation screen of this app is very much like that of the Facebook messenger app. On this app page just above your keyboard, you will find other shortcuts with which you can use to add other content to your messages.

With this messaging app, users can also send photos, stickers and emojis, voice recordings, and even your location. These are the things that this app supports but you should know that Twitter is not in support of all these though.

When you send your location via this direct messaging app for Twitter, the app takes a screenshot of your location on a map and then uploads it to Amazon S3 before sending it to the recipient. The same thing goes for photos. If you read a message on the main Twitter app, direct messenger however does not mark it as read.

Also, this direct messenger app does not support group DMs due to API limitations. Other than these limitations listed here, the apps work perfectly well. Its design is superb and it is a quick and better way to access your messages.

How To Get Direct Messenger For Twitter

Direct messenger for twitter can be gotten from most mobile apps stores and such of the app stores that they can be gotten from includes the Google play store and the apple app store. To download this app from these stores mentioned, follow the steps below;

  • Open the Google play store on your android device. Or open the Apple app store on your iOS device.
  • Using the search bar, enter a direct message for Twitter as a keyword and tap on the search icon or magnifying glass icon.
  • From the search results tap on the direct messenger for the Twitter app.
  • Tap on the install tab on the Google play store. Or the get tab on the apple app store for iOS devices to start the download process.

The app will be downloaded and installed on your device immediately. Note; downloading this app on your mobile device is free.


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