Twitter Profile Picture – How To Upload A Profile Picture On Twitter


Do you have a twitter account? If you have a twitter account then this article is a must-read for you. In this article, I will be focusing more on a twitter feature that has always been underrated and that’s the twitter profile picture. Now on to the next question, what is this feature all about? The definition of what the twitter profile picture is, is simple, but before I tell you right away, here first is the definition of a profile picture. A profile picture is an image that represents a social media account. Your profile picture is more like a representation of you or what your account stands for. in this case the social media platform in question here is twitter.

Twitter Profile Picture

Twitter Profile Picture

A twitter profile picture with the definition of what a profile picture is is a representation of you and everything your account stands for on the platform. When creating or setting up your twitter account, you will be prompted to add one to your account. The Twitter profile picture is a feature on the social media platform. It is in fact one of the most important features of this very social media platform or any other social media platform. Although adding a profile picture to your twitter account when setting it up is optional, it is very important. And in some social media platforms, you will always be reminded about adding a profile picture to your account. You will also be reminded about its importance such as being noticed with it and all.

Why You Should Have A Profile Picture

Having a profile picture on twitter is just about it. Have you ever noticed that on the social media platforms, the users with profile pictures are more organized than those that don’t have? Personally, before I follow anyone on twitter I have to go through their profiles and if the user does not have one I don’t even bother. There is this thing about profile pictures. It is a representation of you. It means that the said account is active amongst others. Having a profile picture on social media platforms like twitter is as important as the way you now dress, it is that important.

There are many reasons as to why you should always have a profile picture on twitter. And one of them is that it helps other people on the platform identify you. Profile pictures are also another way of expressing yourself and it also helps users develop the right impression about you. When it comes to profile pictures, make sure you always update it and it just might be that you will pass the right message and impression.

How To Upload A Profile Picture

Adding or uploading a profile picture on twitter is not that difficult. In all essence is actually easy and I will be guiding you on how to do this. Normally you can tap or click on your profile picture, tap, or click on the edit button or icon to upload a picture on twitter. But if that is not the case with your device;

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • On the twitter account page, click on the profile icon and click on edit profile.
  • Click on the camera icon next o our profile picture and select upload photo.
  • To remove a photo, click on remove.

Lastly, click on save to save your newly uploaded twitter profile picture.

Profile Picture Size

When or before you think of uploading a profile image on twitter, here is something you need to know. You need to know the required dimensions of a twitter profile picture before uploading one. The official dimensions are 400X400 pixels. The recommended dimensions for a header image are 1500X1500 pixels. The file type accepted by twitter is JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats. The recommended and accepted file size for a profile photo on the other hand is 2MB.

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