Twitter Reportedly Testing an Official ‘Soft Block’ Feature. Twitter’s social media platform is out to protect its user’s privacy and to prevent abuse on the platform. To achieve this aim, Twitter has come up with a new feature that will enable users to push off any unwanted followers by blocking them officially.

Twitter Reportedly Testing an Official ‘Soft Block’ Feature - Twitter Testing It's Official Soft Block Feature

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms on the Internet with millions of active users daily. As a way of improving its services and users’ privacy hence Twitter reportedly testing an official ‘soft block’ feature.

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Twitter Reportedly Testing an Official ‘Soft Block’ Feature

The Twitter platform has numerous features that make it exciting for its users to continue on the platform. On the Twitter platform, you can express your thought on your timeline and it’s known as a tweet. Also, you can comment or even retweet another user tweet and even quote another user tweet and many other features

However, to move forward and to control its user’s privacy, then comes to this new feature “Soft block”. This new feature ‘Soft block’ offers a less stark alternative to clicking the ‘block’ button. Before now when a user blocks another user, it was always publicized on the timeline the user blocked will screenshot the notification and get it published. So, to avoid events the soft block feature is designed.

How To Use Twitter ‘Soft Block’ Feature?

When you use the new feature soft block to block or remove followers it will not be known.

  • Get to Twitter’s official website
  • You can do this by simply getting to the profile page of the unwanted follower.
  • Click “Followers” and then click on the three dots beside the follower’s name.
  • Select the ‘remove this follower’ option.

This is very simple to do. The unwanted follower will not be alert by Twitter of your action. Also, before blocking will stop someone from seeing a user’s tweets and sending them direct messages. With the soft block, your tweets will no longer appear automatically in the removed follower’s timeline.

Twitter New Feature ‘Soft Block’

Although, the new feature ‘Soft Block’ is still under trial, testing with a small group of users. It’s just the latest measure by Twitter to curb issues of privacy and abuse on its platform.

As reported by Bloomberg,

Twitter is planning to launch out a new set of trials to provide its users more privacy options including follower removal and safety mode tests. Also, this feature includes allowing users to archive old tweets and remove them from public viewing after a period of time like 30, 60, or 90 days.

They will be asked if whether they want their account to be public or private. To let them hide liked tweets from public view and giving them the option to remove themselves from the public conversation on the Twitter platform.


Also, earlier this month twitter had launched tests of an anti-troll feature that will automatically block accounts from sending abusive statements. It is calling the “Safety Mode”. Immediately the new ‘Safety Mode” is activated by a user, it will block any account for seven days temporarily if twitter spots such user using abusive language or sending repetitive, uninvited replies and mentions.

Since the event of criticism in July when black England footballers were humiliated by racist tweets in the wake if the European Championship final. By observation, the England team at the three-group stage matches of the tournament identified over 2,000 abusive messages including scores of racist posts. This has brought twitter under pressure to improve its user privacy from abuse.


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