Now you already know what content marketing is and how relevant it still is in today’s world of product marketing. It is time to learn about the various types of content marketing. For a better understanding, you will need to start with content marketing. This is an article I wrote not too long ago regarding the issue and it contains vital information for you. To take us further, let’s take a look at the various types of content marketing and how they can affect our marketing strategy and business as a whole.

Types of Content Marketing


Types of Content Marketing

There are various types of content marketing. And if you go online you will find several types of content marketing. In this article, however, I will be telling you of some of the types and not all of them as the topic is a very vast one. Basically, there are three major categories of content marketing and they are;

  • Online.
  • Offline.
  • Hybrid.

Below are some of the types of content marketing.


Blogging is a very essential and important type of content market as it has got a lot to do with the internet. Do you know that many brands out there put blog posts in the central part of their content marketing strategy? Yes, this is true and they make use of it because it works. They are easy to write, easily found by Google, can easily be read and if you are good at storytelling, users will be happy to read the contents of your blog and also share them. This is a quick way to offer value at a very low cost.

Blog posts are a very essential and easy way to crate and build relationships with your readers. When making a blog post, you should avoid common mistakes such as;

  • Not posting regularly.
  • Not optimizing your blog for leads or sales.
  • Also, not linking to your own content.
  • And ignoring keywords.

When you avoid these mistakes, you will get the most out of your blog content in content marketing.

Longform Content

Longform content is another type of content marketing. Have you heard of ultimate guides? Ultimate guides are the best types of long-form content you can create. When creating long-form content your content should be very lengthy and should be in the region of 5, 000 to 15, 000 words. This type of content usually should have several chapters with each having its own URL page. These types of contents normally provide valuable information. Therefore a user doesn’t really need to go anywhere else for information on a particular subject as you have covered every issue on that particular subject.


Ebooks are another type of content marketing. Although these types of content marketing take more time and money to make, they can be very beneficial and advantageous when maximized. Common mistakes made by many eBooks creators are that they just write about problems without actually creating a solution. That particular eBook might be read, but it may not bring conversions. You should focus more on creating solutions and not providing what has already been written. You can offer a product or your product in particular as a solution but this shouldn’t be more than 10% of the eBook product.

Other types of content marketing are;

  • Infographics.
  • White papers.
  • Case studies.
  • Template and checklist downloads.
  • And Video.

These are the major types of content marketing you should basically make use of. Each of these types fall under online, offline and hybrid categories of content marketing.

How To Do Content Marketing

Now that you know what content marketing is and the types we have, do you know how to get started on it? If you have been following me on this article, then you should know how to do content marketing already. There are steps to be taken to get started on content marketing and they are;

  • Set your business mission and goals.
  • Establish your KPIs.
  • Get to know your audience.
  • Access your position.
  • Research and figure out the best content channels.
  • Make a decision on your content types.
  • Identify areas to allocate resources.
  • Create a content calendar.
  • Time to create content.
  • Distribute and market your content.
  • Measure your results.

These are the necessary steps to be taken when it comes to content marketing. You will have to move from one step to the other. You cannot start from the middle of this list or from the bottom to the top. When you follow these steps in the manner they are stipulated, you will get the required results.


Is content marketing the right move for your business right now? This is a question you need to ask as a person and as a business. Just because this marketing strategy has been around for a long time and it has also worked for so many people, doesn’t mean it would work for you and your business.


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