Unblock on Facebook – Unblock Someone on Facebook – Unblock Facebook Friends

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Did you block someone and then now which to unblock on Facebook? Unblocking someone on Facebook is as easy as blocking the person on the platform. It is very easy and fast to do.

When you block someone on Facebook, the person won’t be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public. As I mentioned above, it is easy and very fast to do.

Unblock on Facebook

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Unblocking a person means they can be seeing your posts but won’t automatically become your friend on Facebook. Unlocking someone that you’ve blocked before on Facebook can be done using the web browser and mobile app.

Unblock on Facebook

Wondering how to unblock on Facebook, well don’t stress yourself about it, because we’ve got you covered. Have in mind that when you unblock someone, that person will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public on the platform.

Also know that when you block someone, you have automatically unfriended them, and unblocking them doesn’t add them as a friend. To have them as a friend again, you need to send them the request to add. 

How to Unblock on Facebook

Unblocking someone on Facebook is very easy to do and as I said before you can use the app or website. It all depends on the device that you’re using. To do it, follow the instructions below to get started on your computer or a mobile phone;

Computer Help;

  • Login to your account and click on the drop-down arrow at the top.
  • Then select “Settings & Privacy”, then move to “Settings”.
  • In the left side column of your account settings, click on Blocking.
  • In the “Block Users” section, you will come across names.
  • Click on “Unblock” next to the person’s name to unblock and then click on “Confirm” to finish.

On Mobile Apps;

  • Tap in the bottom right or top right of your Facebook.
  • Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  • Scroll down to Privacy and tap Blocking.
  • Next, tap on “Unblock” next to the name of the person you want to unblock.
  • Tap Unblock to confirm that you’d like to unblock the person/user.

Just like that, the friend or user will be unblocked and you send them a friend request if you want them on your friend list.


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