UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020

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Application for the UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020 is currently open to all frontier technology solutions for child online safety. The organization UNICEF innovation fund in partnership with global partnerships to end violence against children.

UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020

Do you want to give your children online safety from frontier technology problems? Do you need a fund to promote your child’s online safety? Then, the UNICEF Innovation Fund is the best and suitable answer for you now. All you need is to follow the article to the end.

The innovation fund will help investment to provide early-stage finance to for-profit technology start-ups that have the potentials and ability to benefit humanity.

UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020

UNICEF is an abbreviation for United Nations International and Children Emergency Fund. They are looking for start-up using machine learning, artificial intelligence, block chains, and extended reality registered in one of the UNICEF program countries.

These start-ups must have a working and open-source prototype or willing to make it open-source showing promising results. UNICEF will invest in these startups in other to deliver their promise of every child’s online safety.

Children’s lives are being shaped behind a screen with over 4 billion people of whom 71% are 15-24 years old and 1 in 3 children connected to the internet.

Issues That The UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020 Wish To Solve

UNICEF is seeking investment in companies that machine learning ML, artificial intelligence AI, blockchain, or extended reality in terms of virtual and augmented reality, VR/AR technologies to build software solutions.

These solutions must respond to the four broad categories of digital risks to children. They are content, contact, conduct, and contract risks

Are you building tools and models to make online content, social media and gaming platforms, and other services safe for children? Some of the issues are;

  • Sexual abuses and exploitation
  • Sexual extortion, online buying and blackmail, and harassment
  • Threats and harm in digital environments
  • Sharing of self-generated sexual content
  • Revenge porn
  • Data and financial misuse
  • Misuse of personal data such as hacking, fraud, and theft

To get the rest of the issues that the UNICEF innovation fund is really concern about visit UNICEF innovation fund

Eligibility For The UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020

All the companies that are seeking the UNICEF Innovation Fund need to fulfill the following requirement.

  • Registered as a private company and UNICEF programme country
  • Applicants must be working on open source technology under the license or equivalent for software a BSD, hardware a CERN, and a CC-BY.
  • Possession of relevance of solution for children and young people
  • Interested companies are required to check the eligibility of the innovation fund

The eligibilities for the UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020 are available in full on the UNICEF official website which is unicefinnovationfund.org

How To Apply For The UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020

To start the application, there is a need to go through a quick check of your eligibility. To do that, consider the steps bellows;

  • Visit org on your browser
  • Select your type of company, registration status, and country of registration
  • Select your solution source and click on the “CHECK ELIGIBILITY” button.

To proceed with the application, you need to create an account. It will also serve as a means to sign in to your application in case you don’t the application at a go.

  • After clicking on the button the account creation page will automatically open.
  • Provide your email id and password. Confirm the password and click on the “SIGN UP” button

This will automatically lead or direct you to the application form

  • On that form, enter your company name, website, name of the contact person, name of the alternate contact person, how you hear about the innovation, and where your solution address
  • Describe your solution, select the technology[ies] that you are using and describe how you using the technology
  • Describe your initial prototype, what are your project targets, your company revenue last year, and the estimated budget for the entire project
  • Complete all the required field and click on the “SUBMIT APLICATION” button to submit your application

Application Deadline For The UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020

All those that are interested in the UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020 should submit their application on or before December 20th, 2020.


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