The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located on the grounds that surround Queen’s Park. And was founded by royal charter in 1827 as King’s College, the first institution of higher learning in Upper Canada.

University of Toronto - Toronto University Undergraduate Admission Requirements

The university was originally controlled by the Church of England, the university assumed its present name in 1850 upon becoming a secular institution.

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However, as a collegiate university, it comes with eleven colleges each with substantial autonomy on financial and institutional affairs and significant differences in character and history. The school also runs 2 suburban campuses located in Scarborough and Mississauga.

University of Toronto

Do you want to study in Toronto? There are things you need to know. The recommended application deadline for international students for full-time undergraduate programs at U of T, applying through OUAC, will be November 7. So, early applications are advisable, if you’re interested in studying at U of T.

Moreover, Graduate programs at U of T have different admission requirements and therefore students are suggested to visit the website to find application deadlines for the various programs offered at the university.

University of Toronto Admission Requirements for International Students

International Students interested in applying to the U of T can use the link given for The University of Toronto International application, at their official website.

  • Then, complete the admission application and submit the required documents.
  • Proceed to apply for a study permit and entry visa once an acceptance letter is received from the university.

Students can get applications for these documents from a Canadian embassy or consulate before departing. Alternatively, they can also seek help from the Centre for International Experience to have relief while facing unexpected challenges during their stay in Canada.

Furthermore, while applying for an undergraduate program, if a student is below 18 years, he or she might be asked by Immigration Canada to find a Canadian citizen to act as a guardian.

Take Note; The application deadlines for domestic and international applicants are different. Students are suggested to apply early so that they are also able to get their student visa to study in Canada and are also able to make travel arrangements to Canada.

University of Toronto Undergraduate Admission Requirements

The University of Toronto offers 700+ undergraduate programs in various fields of study. About 24% of the total undergraduate enrollment is international students. So, all applicants are advised to complete their applications on time and provide all the required documents before the deadlines. Here are the general admission requirements;

  • Fill in the application form.
  • Provide all academic transcripts from high school/ senior secondary levels.
  • Applicant must have a completed senior-level or grade 12-level course.
  • English Language Requirements- TOEFL/ IELTS/ Cambridge C1 or C2/ CAEL, etc.
  • Self-reported grades form.
  • Standardized test scores (SAT) to study in Canada.

Academic Requirements- Because of the strength and size of the applicant pool at the University of Toronto, the university does not have a pre-set cut-off average. So, the applications are reviewed considering the other criteria as well.  As for the previous applicants, the average grades are considered competitive for a few popular programs at the university.

University of Toronto Rankings

The University of Toronto ranks #17, in best the ‘Best Global Universities. How are schools ranked? Schools are ranked based on their performance across the state of wide indicator of excellence.

University of Toronto Undergraduate Admission Application 

Did you meet up with all the necessary requirements? have you checked your admission status? Would you want to know how to apply for admission on the Toronto website? then you to keep reading.

How to Apply for University of Toronto Undergraduate Admission 

If you are bothered about how to apply for admission to Tronto University even when you are qualified you have nothing to worry about. Use the steps below t start the application

  • Visit the school website at
  • Click on the “apply” button at the top right side of the website.
  • Tap on the “access international application” button.

Login to the website with your username and password and follow all instructions on the website to complete all instructions on the website.

University of Toronto courses

Do you want to apply for admission and are confused about the course to study? Do you have an idea about the courses offered by the Toronto university? if your answer is no then the list below will be of great help.

  • Account & Commerce.
  • Archhitecture & Planing.
  • Art (Fine/ visual/ performaning).
  • Engneering.
  • Humanities and social sciences.
  • IT and Software.
  • Law.
  • Master Finance.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Computer Science.
  • Bachelor of Commerce.
  • Public Health.
  • Business Administration.
  • Account and finance.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Applied computer in Data Science.
  • Bioinformatics.
  • Astronomy.
  • Aerospace Engineering.
  • Business Economic.
  • Business Analytics.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Energy and Environment.
  • EHS.
  • Energy Engineering.

These are a list of available courses in Toronto. However, there are many more courses you can study when you log on to the website.

University of Toronto Scholarships

The National scholarship program recognizes original and creative thinkers, community leaders and high academic achievers. It is U of T’s most prestigious award for Canadian high school students entering the university and offering full-ride scholarships to national scholars.

The application process is online. To apply for the scholarship you need to visit the official website of the University of Toronto scholarship. The University of Toronto is the largest and most prestigious university in the whole of Canada. it awards a number of fully funded Canadian scholarships every year to its domestic and international students.

Acceptance Rate for University of Toronto 

The University of Toronto’s acceptance rate is over 53,000 current undergraduate domestic students, 20,000 international undergraduate students and an acceptance rate of 43%, the University of Toronto is a very competitive and popular choice. if you are planning to study in Canada as an international student, the University of Toronto is a top pick.

What GPA is Needed for the University of Toronto?

The minimum acceptable GPA for undergraduate application is 3.6 on the 4.0 OMSAS scale. Based on recent admission statistics, a GPA of 3.8 or higher is considered competitive for admission.

What Scholarship of Toronto Scholar?

The University of Toronto scholars program provides recognition to the university’s outstanding students, upon admission and on an ongoing basis. there are approximately 700 admissions aware that have a value of $7,500.

Is Toronto Expensive?

Living in Toronto, Parricularty anywhere near downtown can be expensive. Rents are among the highest in Canada and other standard monthly expenses such as plans groceries and transit are not cheap either.

Is Toronto Expensive for Students?

Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive cities to live in and with the shortage of affordable housing in Toronto, costs are the highest there and still continue to rise.



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