USA Government Jobs – Find out the list of US government jobs and the easiest way to apply at the USjobs portal. If you’re looking forward to continuing your career in the US, you can get a decent government job that will suit you.

USA Government Jobs

Unlike other job application processes, the US job application process can be confusing. The reason for this post is to make the US job application process more clear and simple for potential applicants.

USA Government Jobs

The US government provided an online tool that you can visit to kick off the application process for USA jobs-

USAJOBS is the official webpage designed for federal jobs. The USAJOBS has nearly all government job openings and includes all important details about

  • Job duties
  • The minimum qualifications you need to have
  • The salary range and the basic benefits.

Further, you can also find federal internships on the US jobs govt portal.

USA Government Jobs List

Searching for US government jobs near you? Here is the list of govt jobs you can find in the US

These are a list of government jobs you can apply for in the US.

How to Prepare to Apply for a Job in US Government

Before you kick off the application process, read this section

  • Understand the different types of government jobs- From the orange-vest-clad public works employees clearing the streets after a storm, to high-level legal and medical careers in Justice and Health, government jobs cover all skill levels. The federal government-run on a grading system. All job listings are in a central database and each job will have a grade range that guides the salary range based on criteria including experience and education.
  • Try to Improve your education. Some Us government jobs, like public works, maintenance, and mechanics may likely rely more on your experience. Not only that, most government jobs will have very specific minimum education requirements. So, ensure you review job listings to see what level of education you will need to be considered for the position.
  • Make sure your tax accounts are in order. Many states, like Kansas, require that you submit a certification that your state taxes are up-to-date and in compliance with state laws.

These are ways to Prepare to apply for jobs in us.

How to Apply For USA Jobs 

To apply for a job, do the following

 Step 1

Search for Job listings
  • Receive the federal government employment job listings at
  • You can browse and perform keyword searches to find positions that both interest you and match your education and qualifications.

Step 2

Create a Usajobs account
  • Visit the USAJOBS website at
  • Go to the login page and click on the Create Account button
  • Consider creating an email account that is strictly for applying for job.
  • will keep job-related emails from being mixed up with your personal email and it allows you to keep your friends and family email private.

Check out opportunities with elected officials

You can start is with the representatives and senators in your own state. Call the office and ask to who you should address your resume. It may be the Chief of Staff or a designated administrative staffer.

However, you can volunteer to work on a political campaign or volunteer as an intern. This is both a way to showcase your skills and show your loyalty. Kindly follow the instructions based on your state or the state you would be willing to move to if you were offered employment.

Step 3

Applying for Government Jobs
  • Create your resume to get started. Your resume is the document that introduces you and your skills to potential employers.
  • Upload your resumes and documents. Make your resume searchable.
  • Generate online employment profiles. USAJOBS and many state employment websites require you to create an online job profile. The complexity will vary.
  • Follow application instructions exactly. Make sure you include all requested attachments.


This account will let you save interesting federal jobs and track the status of your applications. However, to create this account you will need an email address. If you have your email, you can proceed to set up an account with USA jobs website.

How to Create Usajobs Account

Follow the steps below to create an account;

  • Progress to
  • Go to the login page
  • Tap on the create an account button
  • Enter email address
  • Select email language
  • Accept the Login terms
  • Click submit

These are steps to create an account.

How to Login to Usajobs Website

Do you want to check your application status? If yes, do the following;

These are steps to log in to the US job portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a job with the US government?

To apply for a Job with the US government, you need to create a USAJOBS profile. requires users to have a account. Then Sign in to the account, create your profile, and upload your resume.

Is it hard to get a government job in the USA?

Getting a government job in the USA might seem difficult to some people, but it’s achievable. You can give it a trial, there’s no harm in trying.

Can foreigners get the government jobs in the USA?

Based on Executive Order 11935, it is only United States citizens and nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Island) who may compete for, and be appointed to, competitive service jobs. However, with the office of Personnel Management’s approval, agencies are permitted to hire non-citizens when there are no qualified citizens available.

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