USC Majors are the most popular courses at the University of Southern California. The University of Southern California is one of the oldest private research Universities in California. USC is an acronym for the University of Southern California.

USC Majors - USC Majors in Social Science (and Related Majors) and Natural Sciences

As a student choosing a major may be a difficult task this may require you to consult an expert for guidance. Major set paths for student’s specific career pathways. On admission into USC, one of the decisions to make in choosing your major.

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USC Majors

Choosing a major has different experiences for each person, as some already have an idea of what they want to major in. While some need more time to discover, explore their area of interest before deciding on a major. Keep reading on USC Majors.

It is very essential to know that discovering a major is a process and it may take some time. Few semesters of work may be spending to create confidence. For some students, an introductory course in the subject may be necessary to know what you need to know. Some may not be sure until they’ve had experience during internship or research assistance in such a field.

Let’s explore the USC major by groups if you have the interest to study the human expression of ideas through Arts, language, philosophy, and literature. Here the list of majors in Arts and Humanities.

Arts And Humanities

I will like us to look into this aspect of the article which says arts and humanities. What do you think this is also about, let get to see the list one after the other.


  • Acting for the stage, screen, and New Media (BFA).
  • Animation and Digital Arts (BA).
  • Animation and Digital Arts (BFA).
  • Architecture (BArch).
  • Architectural Studies (BS).
  • Art (BA).
  • Arts History (BA).
  • Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation (BS).
  • Choral Music (BA).
  • Choral Music (BM).
  • Cinematic Arts, Film and Television Production (BA).
  • Cinematic Arts, Film and Television Production (BFA).
  • Classics (BA).
  • Composition (BM).
  • Dance (BFA).
  • Design (BFA).
  • Fine Arts (BFA).
  • Interactive Entertainment (BA).
  • Jazz Studies (BM).
  • Media Arts and Practice (BA).
  • Music (BA).
  • Music Industry (BM).
  • Music Industry (BS).
  • Music Production (BM).
  • Music Theatre (BFA).
  • Performance (Classical Guitar) (BM).
  • Performance (Flute), (Clarinet), (Saxophone), (Oboe), (Trumpet), (Trombone), (French Horn), (Tuba) or (Percussion) (BM).
  • Performance (Organ) (BM).
  • Performance (Piano) (BM).
  • Performance (Popular Music) (BM).
  • Performance (Studio Guitar) (BM).
  • Performance (Violin), (Viola), (Violoncello), (Double Bass), or (Harp) (BM).
  • Performance (Vocal Arts) (BM).
  • Theatre (BA).
  • Theatre, Acting Emphasis, (BA).
  • Theatre, Comedy Emphasis, BA.
  • Theatre Design Emphasis BA.
  • Theatre Design Emphasis BFA.
  • Theatre Sound Design Emphasis BFA.
  • Theatre Stage Management Emphasis BFA.
  • Theatre technical Direction Emphasis BFA.
  • Visual and Performing Arts Studies BA.
  • Writing for Screen and Television BFA.


  • American Popular Culture BA.
  • American studies and Ethnicity (African American Studies) BA.
  • American studies and Ethnicity (Asian American Studies) BA.
  • American Studies and Ethnicity (BA).
  • American studies and Ethnicity (Chicano/Latino Studies) BA.
  • Archaeology BA.
  • Art History (BA).
  • Central European Studies BA.
  • Cinema and Media Studies BA.
  • Comparative Literature BA.
  • Contemporary Latino and Latin American Studies.
  • East Asian Area Studies BA.
  • East Asian Languages and Cultures BA.
  • English BA.
  • French BA.
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies BA.
  • History BA.
  • Jewish Studies BA.
  • Latin American and Iberian Cultures, Media and Politics.
  • Law, History, and Culture BA.
  • Linguistic and East Asian Languages and Culture BA.
  • Middle East Studies BA.
  • Narrative Studies BA.
  • Philosophy BA.
  • Philosophy and Physics BA.
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA.
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Law BA.
  • Religion BA.
  • Russian BA.
  • Spanish BA.
  • Visual and Performing Arts Studies BA.

To check for a full and complete listing of degree requirements, visit the USC Catalogue at

Majors in Social Science (and Related Majors)

If you have a passion for societies, nations, media, commerce, and all that form them, then check out my major in Social Science. Here is their list:

  • Accounting BS.
  • Anthropology BA.
  • Anthropology (Visual Anthropology) BA.
  • Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation BS.
  • Business Administration BS.
  • Business Administration (Cinematic Arts) BS.
  • Business Administration (International Relations) BS.
  • Business Administration (Real Estate Finance) BS.
  • Business Administration (World Program) BS.
  • Cognitive Science BA.
  • Communication BA.
  • Computer Science/Business Administration BS.
  • Economic BA.
  • Economic/Mathematics BS.
  • GeoDesign BS.
  • Global GeoDesign BS.
  • Global Health Studies BS.
  • Global Studies BA.
  • Health and Humanity BA.
  • Health and Human Science.
  • History and Social Science Education BA.
  • Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence BS.

For a full list check at

Major in Natural Sciences

If you find out you have more interest in the structures and patterns of living creatures, environments and the physical world go for majors in Natural Sciences. Here is their list:

  • Applied and computational Mathematics BA.
  • Applied and computational Mathematics BS.
  • Astronomy BA.
  • Astronomy BS.
  • Biochemistry BS.
  • Biological Sciences BA.
  • Biological Sciences BS.
  • Biomedical Engineering BS.
  • Biomedical Engineering, Molecular, and Cellular Engineering Emphasis BS.
  • Biophysics BS.
  • Chemical Engineering BS.
  • Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering Emphasis BS.
  • Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering Emphasis BS.
  • Chemistry BA.
  • Chemistry BS.
  • Chemistry (Chemical Biology) BS.
  • Chemistry (Chemical Nanoscience) BS.
  • Data Science BA.
  • Dental Hygiene BS.
  • Earth Sciences BA.

Get the full list at For Engineering computer, Quantitative, and Technical Sciences click this link


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