Utopia Cast? Utopia series is a conspiracy thriller that follows a group of young fans who come together when they found out that the conspiracy in an elusive comic “Utopia” is real. However, the comic foretells the demise of humanity and the world at large.

Utopia Cast - Get to Know the Names of Actors and Actress in Utopia Movie

Trusting that this group of underdogs will embark on a high stake twisted adventure to use what they uncover to save themselves and the entire humanity.

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Utopia Cast

Furthermore, at the beginning of the series, the cast is Colm Feore, Rooney Mara, Dallas Roberts, Brandon Scott, Jason Ritter, and Agyness Deyn. In January 2019, a new cast Sasha Lane joined the series, in February, Rainn Wilson, Dan Byrd, Ashleigh Lathrop, Cory Michael Smith, Farrah Mackenzie, Desmond Borges, and Christopher Denham joined the cast of the series and so on.

Find out the list of the main character in the movie in the section below. Check out the main cast in the series

  • John Cusack as Kevin Christie.
  • Ashleigh Lathrop as Becky Todd.
  • Jessica Rothe as Samantha.
  • Christopher Denham as Arby / John Hyde.
  • Dan Byrd as Ian Ackerman.
  • Desmin Borges as Wilson.
  • Javon Walton as Grant Bishop [4].
  • Farrah Mackenzie as Alice.
  • Rainn Wilson as Michael Stearns.
  • Sasha Lane as Jess.
  • Felisha Terrell as Hailey Alves.
  • Fiona Dourif as Cara Frost field.
  • Dustin Ingram as Tallman.
  • Michael B. Woods as Rod.
  • Crystal Fox as Kim.
  • Tim Hopper as Dale Warwick.
  • Hadley Robinson as Charlotte and Lily.
  • Calum Worthy as Ethan.
  • Rebecca Spence as Laura Christie.
  • Sonja Sohn as Katherine Milner.

These are the names of the Utopia Cast in the series and their characters.

Utopia Movie

Utopia is an American science fiction drama TV series. It was adapted by Gillian Flynn from the 2013 British original series of the same name. The movie was announced to kick off by the first quarter of 2018. On August 8, 2018, it was announced that the series would consist of nine episodes, and probably have three different directors at work, one every three episodes, but it was confirmed later that there would be eight episodes in the first season.

However, the series was released on September 25, 2020, on the Prime video streaming service. But after one season of eight episodes, the series was canceled, in November 2020.

Utopia TV Show Netflix

Netflix is an amazing online platform for watching and downloading movies and TV shows. On Netflix, you can have access to a whole lot of films, TV shows, and series, but when it comes to Utopia movies, the website does not have the series. However, if you want to stream the utopia series, there are other sites you can access the movie (Amazon).

Utopia Amazon

Utopia series is an Amazon Original. Prime members will find all the episodes on the site using their amazon prime account. This means that to access the series you need an Amazon prime account.

Amazon prime video is a streaming platform available to Prime members. It offers a 30-day free trial to new prime subscribers. The subscription offers lots of benefits, like.

  • Free same-day and two-day delivery on eligible items.
  • Unlimited streaming of movies & TV shows.
  • Access to millions of songs and lots more.

Amazon prime video is available on the following devices like a smart TV- Sony, Samsung, Apple TV, and Fire TV. The platform is also compatible with Blu-ray players and gaming consoles like Xbox One, PS4, and PS5 and also on android, iOS device& web browser.

How to Watch Utopia on Amazon

To access this movie on the Amazon platform, you must be a Prime member.

  • Move to the Amazon website at https://www.amazon.com/Utopia-Season-1.
  • Click on the “watch with Prime start your 30-day free trial” widget.
  • Input your email or mobile phone number.
  • Hit on the continue button.
  • Fill in your password.
  • Then, go ahead with the onscreen directives.

These are guides on how to watch a utopia movie on Amazon.


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