Valentine cover photos for Facebook timeline – Best Valentine Cover Photos 2021

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This is the season of love, and Facebook is helping users spread this love to family, friends, and loved ones, and in celebration of Valentine’s day coming up in a few days’ time, Facebook is launching valentine cover photos and cards that can be shared to users’ timeline or to a friend.

Valentine cover photos for Facebook timeline

While Facebook might not typically be the best place to find love, it is a place where we can share our major live events with friends and families, these Valentine’s cover photos are available for users to upload on their timeline, along with valentine cards to celebrate valentine day, and making the effect of the day be felts as much as possible.

The valentine cover photos for the Facebook timeline are perfectly designed, unique and re-sized to fit in your profile. All you need to do is to save these images and upload them to your timeline. If you belong to a group or even an administrator of a Facebook page or group, it will be a good idea to celebrate with your community members using these cover photos.

Valentine cover photos for Facebook Timeline | Best Valentine Cover Photos 2021

There are lots of cover photos to choose from that will perfectly suit your timeline, wish your fans and followers a happy Valentine’s day, and build good communication with them. one of the best places to get valentine cover photos for Facebook is on some of the noticeable cover photos that stand out include the following:

  1. Happy Valentine’s day cover photo

This contains a red background with a “Happy Valentine’s day” text written at the center with the image of a heart around the text. A simple cover photo, but sends a warm valentine’s day greeting to everyone without being to romantic or personal.

  1. Be my valentine cover photo

Have you been trying to win his/her heart for some time now? Use this innocent looking teddy bear with butterflies on its Tommy to express your love to the concerned person, this photo symbolizes pure and sincere love and affection, which a major building block of a solid relationship.

  1. Fruity Happy Valentine’s day

Maybe you’re already in a relationship, this is the perfect cover to let your partner know that there are fruitful days ahead with the both of you, strawberries are sweet, and of course, are red in color, which makes it the perfect blend for the event at hand.

Stay updated and keep your display picture lively by changing them for these banner images, these images can also be used in all other social networking platforms that allow you to upload pictures on your timeline such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.

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