Applications for the Venture Z Startup Competition for Entrepreneurs 2023-2024 are open now. Venture Z is an exciting and dynamic startup competition that offers aspiring entrepreneurs from Generation Z an incredible platform to showcase their innovative business ideas and make a lasting impact on society.

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Venture Z Startup Competition for Entrepreneurs 2023-2024 (up to 30,000 SAR)

Venture-Z, an event hosted as part of the esteemed 2nd International Conference on Sustainability: Developments and Innovations (ICSDI) 2024, brings together the most brilliant minds and forward-thinking thinkers who are committed to building a better future.

Competition Tracks for the Venture Z Startup Competition for Entrepreneurs 2023-2024

  • Track 1: Sustainable Business Ventures” is devoted to new businesses that have integrated sustainable concepts and practices into their business plans. It covers topics including renewable energy projects, eco-friendly products, green manufacturing, and sustainable supply chains.
  • Track 2: Engineering Innovations: This track highlights new businesses offering creative solutions in the domains of environmental, mechanical, electrical, or civil engineering. It covers topics like energy systems, environmental technology, infrastructural development, and sophisticated materials.
  • Track 3: Entrepreneurship that blends social impact and corporate innovation is eligible for the social entrepreneurship track. Initiatives that address social issues, advance inclusivity, strengthen communities, and advance sustainable development objectives are included.
  • Track 4: Environmental Solutions: firms that address environmental issues and provide sustainable solutions are especially targeted by this track. It addresses topics like waste management, air and water quality enhancement, pollution control, and environmental monitoring technology.
  • Track 5: Future Cities: This track focuses on startups that use IoT-enabled urban solutions, smart infrastructure, sustainable transportation, creative urban planning, AI-driven urban management systems, and sustainable urban development techniques to help build future cities.

Awards for the Venture Z Startup Competition for Entrepreneurs 2023-2024 (up to 30,000 SAR)

They think it’s important to acknowledge and encourage participants’ entrepreneurial spirit. They are thrilled to present the following prizes to the top three businesses in the competition, who will also get financial support from Prince Sultan University in addition to these esteemed awards:

  • 1st place winner: 30,000 SAR.
  • 2nd place winner: 20,000 SAR.
  • 3rd place winner: 10,000 SAR.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

  • Similar to the idea of a “shark tank,” sponsors who choose to invest in potential startups will have the opportunity to have a major influence on the development and success of these businesses.
  • Apart from the monetary assistance granted by Prince Sultan University, Venture Z presents the possibility of additional money via sponsorship prospects.
  • They are actively looking for sponsors who share their enthusiasm for fostering entrepreneurship and the creation of technologically sophisticated, sustainable future cities.


Aspiring business owners and startup teams from a variety of backgrounds and sectors are welcome to enter the Venture Z startup competition. Participants must fulfill the requirements listed below:

  • It needs to be an early-stage startup with a workable business concept.
  • Must be at least eighteen years old.
  • Participants can be individuals or teams (team sizes cannot exceed 5 people).
  • International participation.

Judging Criteria 

A panel of judges will assess the company’s pitches on a number of factors, such as creativity, market potential, viability, teamwork, and social media presence. The participants will receive prior notification of the precise scoring criteria, which will aid them in organizing and coordinating their presentations appropriately.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2023


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