Viber. Are searching for apps for video calls and instant messages? it is free, fast and easy to use is the more secure message and calling app for you to reach your friend and loved ones, this app is used all over the billions of people across the nation. Speaking of the best App that is trending Viber is here to give you high-quality voice calls.



This app is owned by Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten, this app lets users sync their history and transfer calls between their mobile device and desktop. It helps you build and manage your contact and group whenever you want to use Viber. It is a message and calling App for Andriod and iOS, Windows, Mac and offers free High-quality audio calls.


This app is free to download that allows users to make free calls and also make text messages. Picture and video message to other users. It works on both your mobile and computer and can be used to connect with people from around the world both far and near. But before you can access this platform and before you can use it make a video call or video call you must have credit on for you make a voice call and video call and message.

You can have access to this platform website platform is only when you include an account to the website by entering Viber on your web browser, like I told you previously it features mobile Apps like Andriod and iOS. This app is a substitute for the version. Am going to tell you how to create an account on your mobile.

How to Create Viber Account

Let’s discuss how to create an account and to sign-up with them. You can create your account in a very simple way on this platform, you can use App and website to create an account And it is a very easy way to understand and undergo the process.

With this step, you can download and create your account.

How to sign in to Viber

Here am going to show you how to sign in and it very easy step to sign in to your video on your mobile and iOS.

Viber for Andriod

Viber for Andriod App allows you to make calls and text your message free. Viber on Andriod allows millions of users to make calls, text, send photos and locations to any Viber user.

  • On your Andriod device, go to your Google Play, search on the Viber app page
  • Tap install to download and to install the app
  • Tap open
  • Home screen list features of the app, click on continue and then enter your mobile phone number.

Now you can install the app on your Andriod, now you have the app on your Andriod. And this app is just for Andriod users, not iOS users.


You can download an active Viber with an access code sent to you either by SMS or incall. Viber will call or send you an SMS with your access code for you to access the Viber on your iOS device, iOS users only

You can now have full access to vibe on your IOS without stress with these few steps provided for here you can enjoy free calls and send SMS to your loved ones. This App is really amazing for every user to connect with their loved ones.


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