Village Capital Future of Work Africa 2021

With the support of IFC, Village Capital is launching Future of Work Africa 2021. It is an accelerator programme that is supporting and scaling startups across Sub Saharan Africa that helps young people to find jobs, build careers, and also prepare for future work.

Village Capital Future of Work Africa 2021

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It is projected to be the largest in the world in the coming decades, with hundreds of millions of people below the age of 25 starting to look for work. Future of Work Africa 2021 is here to help youths to prepare for the future.

Village Capital Future of Work Africa 2021

Village Capital Future of Work Africa accelerator will support entrepreneurs building for-profit, market-based solutions across the education, employment, and benefits spectrum that can help young people in Sub Saharan Africa. This program is here to better prepare for and manage the future of work.

Nearly half of young individuals on the continent of Africa are unemployed. And in some countries more than four out of five workers in the informal sector, with fluctuating incomes, and few if there are any benefits.

Even though Agriculture has been the continent’s top sector, more and more of Africa’s population is moving to urban areas, where jobs in the formal sector are in short supply.


Ventures must youth unemployment through the following;

  • Innovations such as upskilling/reskilling programs
  • Credentialing programs.
  • New approaches to apprenticeship or employment matching.
  • Financial health for informal workers and also EdTech.


Future of Work Africa 2021 will be hosting two cohorts, each will have between 10 and 15 entrepreneurs. It is still unknown if the program will be in person or virtually. However, a decision will be made as to the approaches.

Cohort 1

  • Workshop 1: May 10-14
  • Workshop 2: Jun 7-11

Cohort 2

  • Workshop 1: May 24-28
  • Workshop 2: Jun 21-25.

Application deadline

The deadline for applying for this program is January 22, 2021. This date is for both Cohorts (1 and 2).

For more information, visit Village Capital Future of Work Africa


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