Do you want a Vimeo Account? What I will like everybody to understand today is Vimeo and I want to also talk about the Vimeo account which you can see at the top of this paragraph which says Vimeo Account. If I may ask what do you think is Vimeo, what is it used for, that is what I will be discussing with everyone today. All I want from you is your time, and you need to focus on this article by reading through it very slowly.


Vimeo Account

As the first paragraph says, not everybody knows about Vimeo not even talking about creating an account on it. Vimeo is an online platform that is used to provide free video viewing services like the platform of YouTube. It is a website or platform located in New York City and here also you will find their headquarter. In the year 2007, this platform became the first video-sharing platform that supports high-definition video. This site was established in the year 2004 and was founded by two people namely; Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick. While the CEO of this site is known as Anjali Sud that was around the year 2017.

The main aim of this site is mostly meet for business owners. If you are business personnel that is looking for a way to advertise his or her business on social media, with Vimeo you can create a video for your business or product that you want to advertise using this platform. Before you can access this site, you need to create an account with them first. But I want to first talk about the price.

Vimeo Pricing

Creating an account on Vimeo, you need to choose a plan. The plans are the pricing that I will be talking about here. There are four sets of plans you can subscribe to and here they are below.

  • We have Plus. Then plus has a 5GB/week, while 250GB every year per single users. And the price for this plan is $7/month.
  • There is also a pro pack. The pro pack contains 20GB/week with 1TB every year 3 team members. Then the price for this plan is $20/monthly.
  • Business is also another plan on Vimeo and it has no weekly limits. It has 5TB total storage per 10 team members. The price is $50 monthly which is the annual billing.
  • The last among the list is premium. The premium is the highest plan which has unlimited live streaming with 7TB total storage of unlimited live viewers. We have the annual billing price which is $75 monthly also.

These are the plans and their pricing when it comes to creating an account with Vimeo and as a new member, you need to choose a plan even if you sign up by joining for free.

Sign Up for Vimeo – Vimeo Account

Now, let’s talk about the sign-up process which is creating an account on this website. The following steps before are the steps in which you can create an account with the Vimeo platform. So, why not proceed with the steps listed below;

  • To start with, visit using the web browser on your device.
  • Click on the join for free button on the homepage.
  • You can use your google account to join or you can join using your emails.
  • If you are using your emails, you just have to enter your first and last name. Then your email and create your password.
  • Then you can click the join with the email link below the box.
  • But if you are using your google account. You just have to click the join with google and then click on the email you want to use that if you have more than one Google account which is your Gmail account.
  • Then choose your plan and enter your card details and follow the steps given from thereon.

These are the steps on how you can create or join this platform for free and the free trial last only for 30 days and after that 30 days. You will be using your plan.

How to Create a Video

If you want to create a video on this video, there are steps that you need to set first. Below this paragraph, you will find the steps that you need to follow.

  • After visiting their website, you will see the “NEW VIDEO” link at the top of the homepage that is after creating your account.
  • Click it and then choose your templates or the category of video you want to create. You can also search for templates if you did not find the one you want on the list there.
  • After looking for the template you want, click on it and click on the “CUSTOMIZE”.
  • The customize is to edit the video to your own video view and when you are done with the editing. Click the save link that is above the screen and wait for it to save.

With these steps or guidelines, you can create your own video and you can also upload videos too.


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