Visa Sponsored Nursing Jobs in the USA Without NCLEX-How possible is this? Read on to find out how. If you are a foreign registered nurse seeking a life-changing career in the US, you can get a suitable nursing job abroad via a visa sponsorship program. This article will explore how to get a visa-sponsored nursing job in the United States.

Visa Sponsored Nursing Jobs in USA Without NCLEX

Visa Sponsored Nursing Jobs In USA Without NCLEX

In the US, there are a number of companies or establishments that specialize in employing, placing, and sponsoring international registered nurses in the USA for career growth and development. The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a national exam that all nursing students must pass for them to become licensed registered nurses in the United States. It is this exam that determines if you are a registered nurse or not.

The National Council Licensure Examination tests your competence level related to the difficulty level of the questions. And the test will stop at the point when you can answer half of the questions correctly. And as an international nurse, you can still get good nursing jobs in the USA with a sponsored visa without taking the NCLEX.

US Registered Nurse Job Duties and Qualifications

In the US, a registered nurse (RN) works with other healthcare professionals to help them treat patients with various injuries, illnesses, or disabilities. Their major roles include communicating with doctors and other registered nurses about patient needs; administering IVs and medications to assist their patients’ health; and using medical equipment to monitor patients’ vital signs.

Duties and Responsibilities of A Registered Nurse

The duties of a Registered Nurse (RN) may vary based on the work environment, but they generally include the following:

  • Observe and record patient behavior.
  • Perform physical examinations and diagnostic tests
  • Gather the patient’s health history
  • Counsel and educate patients and their families on treatment plans
  • Administer medication, change wound dressings, and care for other treatment options
  • Read and interpret patient info, making treatment decisions when appropriate.
  • Consult with supervisors and doctors to choose the best treatment plan for patients.
  • Direct and supervise nurses, nurse assistants, and nurse aides.
  • To research ways to improve healthcare processes and improve patient outcomes.

These are the responsibilities of a registered nurse.

Nursing Jobs Skills and Qualifications – Nursing Jobs in USA without Nclex

An RN needs to have the following skills:

  • Be well organized.
  • Be kind and compassionate.
  • Communication skills are essential for good interaction.
  • Be patient.
  • Dedicated
  • You must have the physical strength to lift and help patients.

A registered nurse must be able to analyze, review, and judge different situations they face and take the right actions according to the situation.

Registered Nurse Education and Training Requirements.

All nursing candidates need to have earned a minimum of an associate’s degree in nursing, although a lot of RNs pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Also, after graduating with a degree, a candidate must earn state licensure by taking the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. Other licensure criteria may be needed for nurses depending on their state.

How To Apply For Nursing Jobs In The United States Without The NCLEX

To apply for US nursing jobs without the NCLEX, do the following:

If you are successful, you will get a job offer. After that, you can go ahead and apply for a work visa as directed by the employer.

Types of  US Employment Visa

Below are the types of US work visas.

  • The best E-1/2/3 Visa for Traders
  • E-2 visa: the best option for investors
  • The E-3 visa is the best option for Australian special occupation professionals.
  • H-1B visa is the best option for professionals in specialized occupations.
  • The H-1C visa: the best option for registered nurses
  • The H-2A/B visa is the best visa for agricultural workers.
  • The H-2B visa is the best visa for non-agricultural workers (hotels, food service, and so on).
  • An h-3 visa is the best option for non-immigrant trainees.
  • I: best visa for foreign media representatives.
  • L-1A/B visas are the best for intra-company transfers.
  • O: best visa for people with exceptional abilities or achievements
  • P-1A visa: the best option for internationally recognized athletes
  • The P-1B visa is the best visa for entertainment groups.
  • P-2 visa: best for performers participating in a reciprocal exchange program and
  • P-3 visa: best for artists who are part of a culturally distinct program.
  • Q: best visa for Visas for cultural exchange
  • TN NAFTA: best Visas for Canadian and Mexican professionals

These are the different types of employment visas However, the most popular type of visa among these is the H1B Visa. However, for registered nurses, the best visa is the H1C visa.

What is the salary of a registered nurse in the USA?

The average salary of a registered nurse in the US is around $33.85 per hour. Although the pay rate may depend on the level of experience, education, and geographical location,

Can I work as a nurse in the USA without IELTS?

As a foreign registered nurse dedicated to taking their career to the United States, you should already know that to live and work in the US, you will need to pass the IELTS before your US visa can be issued. IELTS opens a world of opportunities for international registered nurses.

Is NCLEX required in the USA?

Yes, all U.S. boards of nursing use the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).


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