Applications for the VLIR-UOS ICP CONNECT Scholarship 2024. Are you looking for an opportunity to pursue a master’s degree? The VLIR-UOS ICP CONNECT Scholarship 2024 for Masters Study could be the perfect chance for you.

VLIR-UOS ICP CONNECT Scholarship 2024
VLIR-UOS ICP CONNECT Scholarship 2024

This scholarship is now accepting applications, and the deadline varies by program. Don’t miss out on the chance to apply for this opportunity to further your education.

VLIR-UOS ICP CONNECT Scholarship 2024 for Master Study

Study abroad programs accredited by ICP Connect are available for enrollment. Applications from 29 qualifying nations in Asia, Latin America, and Africa are given scholarships to enroll in one of the 15 master’s programs offered in English at one or more Flemish universities. For every ICP, VLIR-UOS offers ten fresh first-year scholarships each year.

Scholarship for the VLIR-UOS ICP CONNECT Scholarship 2024

Tuition, travel, insurance, and living expenses (board and lodging) are all covered by VLIR-UOS scholarships. Scholarships are only available for the whole length of the master’s program. It is not feasible to submit an application for an extension or a partial scholarship.

Eligibility for the VLIR-UOS ICP CONNECT Scholarship 2024

  • On January 1st of the admission year, candidates must be older than 35 for an initial master’s degree and 45 for an advanced master’s degree.
  • Applicants must be citizens of one of the 29 nations that qualify and residents of that nation at the time of application, although they need not be in the same nation. View the list of nations where scholarships are available.
  • Candidates working in higher education, the public sector, civil society, or those aspiring to work in any of these fields, will be given preference. If they have a compelling motive and profile, candidates working in the private sector or recent graduates without prior work experience might also be taken into consideration.
  • The candidates must not have registered in a study program at a Belgian higher education institution before January 1st of the admission year, nor may they have previously been awarded a scholarship by the Belgian government to pursue a study program.
  • One application for the ICP Connect Scholarship may be submitted by candidates annually. Candidates are not eligible to engage in this study program and another program concurrently with any other scholarship or grant.

Selection Criteria for the VLIR-UOS ICP CONNECT Scholarship 2024

According to the ICP Connect paradigm, scholars are viewed as potential change agents who, once their studies are over, might help bring about social change in their home nation (or region). After an impartial assessment of their scholarship applications, scholars are chosen using the following standards:

  • Professional experience: Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate a higher likelihood of putting newly acquired knowledge and/or skills into practice after graduation in a setting that supports sustainable development, such as higher education, government, civil society, or the private sector, thereby influencing positive social change.
  • Motivation: The candidates’ professional objectives and motivation should demonstrate their ability to establish extension activities, convey knowledge and skills, and emphasize topics related to sustainable development and the study program. Academic performance is crucial, but so is the applicants’ capacity and determination to effect change once they have finished their studies.
  • Gender parity: an equal distribution of male and female recipients of ICP Connect Scholarships is the goal. Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply through VLIR-UOS.
  • Leave No One Behind (LNOB): applicants from vulnerable groups shall be given preference if they are equally competent applicants.
  • Regional balance: if there are enough eligible applicants, a respectable cross-section of academics from various nations and areas is sought after.

Priority will be given to applicants who have never been the recipient of a scholarship to study for a master’s or bachelor’s degree in a higher-income nation.

How to Apply for the VLIR-UOS ICP CONNECT Scholarship 2024

  • Examine the chosen master’s degree offerings.
  • Verify your eligibility in light of all the requirements.
  • Visit the individual websites of the master’s programs to find out more information.
  • If a certain program piques your interest, visit the university’s website and adhere to the guidelines.

Apply for the scholarship and for admission to the program on the university website. Make sure to indicate your desire to apply for a scholarship when submitting your application for the program. Applying to more than one master’s program in a given year is discouraged.

Application Deadline: Vary by program


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