Voya Financial is an American Financial retirement investment insurance company that is based or located in New York; This Company produces financial services that will benefit you and your business.



This company was founded in 1991 and also has headquarters at the Helmsley Building in New York. The chairman and chief executive officer [C.E.O] are Rodney O. Martin, Jr.   This company produces retirement services, insurance, and assets.

Types of Voya Financial

Voya Financial Planning and Advice

  • Saving for Retirement; this is given by this financial to help you know the first step to take towards financial freedom.
  • Setting Retirement Goals; this material is provided for public or general and educational use only.
  • Protecting your Financial Life; this is given by this Financial Insurance Company to help protect your financial Life from issues
  • Work; This Company helps you with  Financial Advisors to help with the way to move throughout your career.

Voya financial Products

  • Life Insurance; is insurance provided to provide protection for you and your loved ones and also when you pass away it still keeps your loved ones protected.
  • Ensure your love; Life insurance is also loved insurance whatever stage you are in life tying the knot, ready to retire expecting a baby so much more in between to protect the ones you love with life insurance.
  • Annuities; an annuity is an insurance product that helps pay you in a certain period of time due to income payments in exchange for your premium payment.
  • IRA; This when you invest your money with this financial insurance company.
  • General investing; is an account that provides a simple way to invest after-tax – savings in a range of investment options.

Voya financial Tools

  • My retirement outlook
  • Retirement Calculator; these are features tools that help in retirement calculators.

Voya financial Contacts and services

  • Claims center; The claim center is a place where you can file a claim; VOYA CLAIMS CENTER will help you. Get answers to all your questions.
  • Finding a professional; If you are going through difficult times with finding a professional Voya Financial Company will help you find a solution to keep you on track for the financial future.

How to login to your Voya Account

  • Enter the URL www.voya.com on the search bar of any internet-connected device
  • Click on “Login to Your Account” at the top right corner of the home page
  • Enter your username and password on their required field
  • Click on Login, to access your account


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