Wake Up Light Alarm Clock. Do you hate being disturbed by your alarm clock every morning? If you are then I think you are in the right place at the right time. There is an easy way to bypass that awful adrenaline rush.

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

You can bypass the awful adrenaline rush by using a wake-up light alarm clock which is also known as a sunrise alarm clock. The devices are made to sit on your bedside just like an alarm clock, but instead of disturbing you with noises, they produce light that makes sure that you wake up gradually over about thirty minutes.

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

It was said by an MD, a Virginia based neurologist and sleep expert called Chris Winter that it is a natural and positive thing for everyone to wake up with light in the morning and then have it disappear in the evening. A lot of bright light in the morning can help you wake up and it is advised especially for younger people.

You are advised to choose a wake-up light alarm with a backup alarm when shopping. Choosing the one with a backup alarm will help you to wake up easily in case you are a heavy sleeper and the wake-up light alarm clock does not wake you up.

If you are confused about choosing the best wake up light alarm clock or you hate being disturbed by an alarm clock, we have compiled a list that will guide you on choosing. Why don’t you grab a chair, sit down and rest your back as I take you on the journey?

List of Best Some WakeuP Light Alarm Clock

Choosing or selecting the best is not that difficult. But for those people finding it difficult, this article will be guiding you on choosing the best. Below is the list of some wake up light alarm clocks.

  • Philips Wake up Light

The Philips wake-up light is a very good clock to consider because the alarm clock light slowly increases in intensity, shifting from soft dawn red to warm oranges then, to bright yellow over a period of time. If the light does not wake you up immediately, it wakes you up by using a sound.

  • Phillips some sleep and wake-up light therapy lamp

The alarm clock possesses a step by step glowing light with some natural sounds so that you will be able to start your morning to the tune of crashing ocean waves or chirping birds than a blaring, disturbing alarm.

  • Electrohome Retro Alarm Clock Radio with Motion Activated Night Light

The alarm clock possesses have features that you cannot even think of and all of its features are tied to a retro design. It possesses a wake-up light and also a backup alarm that is preferable for deep sleepers. You are advised to purchase this wake-up light alarm clock, and I am very sure that you will never regret making the decision.

  • Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Wake-Up Light

If you love offing the light when sleeping, then this wakes up light alarm clock is the one that you should be going for. The clock can allow you to turn off the digital clock analogue list. So, you will be consumed by darkness until in the morning when they wake up light alarm clock starts to shine.

  • AMIR Wake-Up Light Beside Lamp Alarm Clock

This clock stimulates the sunrise with an adjustable wake-up light of 30 minutes. Before your alarm is meant to go off, you will feel relaxed instead of feeling disturbed. Another interesting feature that it possesses is its ability to three-mode brightness. The alarm clock can also be your bedside lamp for reading also.

What Color Light Helps You Wake Up?

I know you are confused about the colour lights that will help you wake up. I think that you should consider using yellow colours. The colour yellow signals love, light, learning, warmth, mood, and lastly energy. Using the yellow colour can give you strength and help you get up from your bed easily. You can consider other colours but yellow colours are advisable.

What Colors will make You Sleep?

It is advisable that you know the best colours that will make you sleep better. Wake-up light alarm colours with blue, yellow, orange, silver and pink will enable you to sleep better. The colours that should not be considered at all are red, purple, brown, and grey. Using these colours can make you feel gloomy and fell isolated resulting in sleepless nights.


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