is the official website for capital one cardmembers to visit in order to activate their new capital one Walmart credit card online. When you receive a new Walmart Capital One credit card, you will need to activate it.

However, there are different Walmart credit card activation methods. I will be outlining the activation methods in this write-up, so if I were you, I would read to the end.

Activate your new Capital One Walmart credit card as soon as you receive it in order to utilise the card’s features, such as making online and in-store purchases. If you don’t activate your new credit card, you won’t be able to use the card. That is, the card is as good as useless. Don’t worry, the Walmart credit card activation steps are very easy and fast. Just make sure you follow the guide in this write-up.

Walmart Capital One Credit Card Activation

Capital One bank, as an issuer of the Walmart credit card, provides different ways cardholders can activate their new card. Choose from the following activation methods to activate your new card:


These are the procedures to activate your new Walmart card.

How To Sign In To Activate Your Walmart Capital One Card Online

For to activate online, do the following:

  • Visit the Capital One activation website at
  • Tap on the Sign in button.
  • Fill in your username and password.
  • Hit on the sign-in, then follow the onscreen prompt to activate your new Capital One credit card online.

These are steps to log in to activate your Walmart Capital One credit card online.

How to Sign Up to Activate Your Capital One Walmart Credit Card Online

If you’ve not enrolled in Capital One Card online banking, follow these steps to sign up and activate your new Walmart capital one rewards credit card:

  • Go to the Capital One website at
  • Tap on the setup my account link.
  • Fill out your personal information. Last Name, Social Security Number or ITIN, Date of Birth
  • Get Started and proceed with the online activation guide.

These are procedures to activate your capital one bank Walmart rewards credit card.

How To Activate Your Capital One Walmart Credit Card By Phone

For Capital One Walmart Rewards credit card phone activation, do this: get your new Walmart Rewards credit card. You should see the Capital One phone number on the card. Go ahead and dial the number, then follow the on-call directives.

How To Activate Capital One Walmart Credit Card In-Store

To activate your Walmart Capital One rewards card, you can activate it in-store. You can achieve this by locating the nearest Walmart store or by going to the nearest Capital One bank branch.

To locate the nearest Capital One branch, go to and click on the Locations button at the bottom of the screen or from the menu. Key in your address and search.

Walmart Capital One Credit Card  Login

Sign in to your Capital One Walmart Rewards credit card account today and enjoy the online access features and benefits. When you sign in to your Walmart credit card account, you can make an online payment, check your card balance, track payment transactions and more.

How to Login To Capital One Walmart Credit Card

To sign in to your Walmart Rewards credit card, do this:

These are steps for Capital One Walmart card sign-in.

Walmart Capital One Credit Card Payment

Walmart cardholders can pay their bills online, in-store, by phone, by mail, in-app, or at any Capital One bank branch.

How to Make a Capital One Walmart Rewards Credit Card Payment

To pay your capital one credit card bill online, you can pay online by signing into your card account at

Pay at Capital One bank location: You can also pay by going to the nearest capital one bank location.

For phone payment, call Capital One credit card customer service to assist you in making your card payment.

Walmart Capital One Credit Card

Manage your account and redeem your rewards. Don’t have a Capital One® Walmart Rewards® Card? If yes, then you need to check out the following rewards and benefits that come with the card:

  • Earn 5% cash back on, including pickup and delivery, with a $0 annual fee.
  • It offers $0 fraud liability if your card is ever lost or stolen. which means you will not be responsible for fraudulent purchases.
  • With the Tap to Pay feature, you can check out faster and securely with your contactless card.
  • Set up personalised email or text reminders to enable you to stay on top of your account.
  • Set up Autopay for your account and your payments will be made automatically every month.

Click here to learn more about the Capital One® Walmart Rewards® Card:

How To Apply For A Capital One Walmart Rewards Credit Card Online

If you’re interested in the Walmart card, these are the steps for the Walmart credit card application:

Wait to get a response from Capital One bank on the capital one Walmart rewards credit card application.

Walmart Capital One Credit Card Customer Service

For further help and support, navigate to Capital One Bank’s customer service website. Cardholders can get assistance by just accessing the page, and also get their support phone number, mail address, and email too. To access Capital One Bank’s phone number, do this:

You will access a Capital One credit card phone number.


How do I activate my Capital One Walmart card?

Dial the Capital One customer service phone number on your card to activate your Walmart card over the phone. Or visit Capital One’s credit card activation website at

Then, sign into your online account (enrol for an account if necessary), and when prompted, fill in your 3-digit security code on the back of your card.

How do I activate my Walmart card online?

To activate your Walmart card online, go to or set up an account to activate your card.

To activate your Walmart MoneyCard, visit Enter the 16-digit Personalized Card Number. Enter the month and year of expiration from the back of your card. Type in your security code, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, and the card pin.

How do I activate my new Capital One card?

The simplest way you can activate your Capital One credit card is online, through either their website or via the Capital One mobile app. Alternately, you can activate your credit card by calling the customer service phone number on your card.


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