Walmart Fulfillment Center – You Need to Check Out the Walmart Fulfillment Service Right Away

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If you are a third-party seller on the Walmart online store, then you certainly need to know what the Walmart Fulfillment Center is all about. This fulfillment center brought to you by this amazing online store works to make sure they keep all your business warehousing and fulfillment needs in place.

Walmart Fulfillment Center

Here at this center, they work to make sure they always meet up the fulfillment services of their sellers on the platform. They work together with other online stores in order to make sure they deliver your services easily and quickly. Using this service as a seller on the platform gives you the chance to get your items down to your customers easily.

Walmart Fulfillment Center

The Walmart Fulfillment Center is designed and made especially for people who sell their products and services through their online store. Being a seller on this online store definitely gives you the chance to sell to people from different locations. With this, all transactions have to be online. However, you will have to ship and deliver the items down to the locations of these customers. Here’s where this fulfillment service comes in. They make the storing, packaging, and shipping of your items very easy. So, you really do not have to stress on how the products get to the customers. Get your items to the Walmart warehouse and they take over from there.

However, all these services do not come for free. You will be prompted to pay certain fees for the storing, packaging, shipping, and guidance of the items until they get to the customers. That’s how they work. So, if you sell on this online store, you can be sure that things have been made so easily or you.

Walmart Fulfillment Center Fees 

As a seller, you may want to find out the fees of this service, right? Unlike other marketplaces that give you this service at a cost, Walmart offers this service to you all for free. 

Walmart Distribution Center Locations

The distribution center is where the fulfillment service takes place. They help to fulfill the orders made by customers to sellers. Here, they receive the goods from the seller, store them, and deliver them to the customers who ask for them.

They have got their distribution centers in different locations in the US. So, if you are their third-party seller and would want to send it your own products, the locations are listed below.

  • Williamsport, MD, United States
  • Center 6858. Mebane, NC, United States
  • Raymond, NH, United States
  • Monroe, GA, United States
  • Bethlehem, PA, United States
  • Henderson, NC United States
  • Petersburg, VA, United States
  • Johnstown, NY, United States
  • Lewiston, ME, United States
  • Smyrna, DE, United States
  • Marcy, NY, United States
  • Williamsburg, VA, United States
  • Center 7030. Pottsville, PA, United States
  • Woodland, PA, United States
  • Center #6096. Johnstown, NY, United States
  • Gordonsville, VA, United States
  • Center 7422. Bethlehem, PA, United States
  • Tobyhanna, PA, United States

The above are the locations of the distribution center for this online store.

Walmart Seller Center

To make use of the Walmart Fulfillment Center, you have to go through their site on Walmart seller center. However, before you can get here, you will have to be a seller on the Walmart store on From here, you can move on to every other step.

  • Register as a seller on
  • Register for the fulfillment service by visiting their website on
  • Enter your account email address and password.
  • Select the products that you want to sell from the Walmart online store.
  • Build up your product feed.

Just with these few and easy steps, you can start selling from the fulfillment service. All you have to do is ship down your products to the center. Walmart will take over from here.


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