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Small Business owners who are searching for a place to sell their products online should consider using Walmart.  Selling on Walmart helps to place your brand or business among millions of Walmart Customers and you can also get extra cash. A Walmart Marketplace Seller is a person who is partnering with Walmart. He/she is a seller on Walmart. Selling on Walmart is very easy, free, and very straightforward. Its sellers have full control over their price, inventory, fulfillment, and customer care.

Walmart Marketplace Seller


Walmart Marketplace Seller

Walmart, no doubt is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world and not just in the US. over 30, 000 people make use of this platform to market and sell their products. therefore if you are a retailer looking for a platform or an online marketplace to market your products, my advice to you is to try out the Walmart online marketplace. unlike other online marketplaces, Walmart is actually a good fit, in the sense that it has got all the necessary and required resources to give you, your products, and brand the exposure it deserves.

To get more information about Walmart, check Here

Walmart Marketplace

Walmart marketplace is a popular eCommerce platform which is operated and owned by Walmart. In the process of partnering with different marketplace sellers, it enables and brings millions of brands/ businesses, products, and selections to its customers. It is an eCommerce that allows third-party marketplace sellers to make a list of their items and products on

Becoming a Walmart seller is one of the easiest ways to popularize your products as it boasts a wide range of customers or audiences. Walmart Marketplace appears in the search results of Partnering with Walmart marketplace is one of the best means to sell your products online. Just as there are advantages to using it, there are also disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Walmart Marketplace Seller

In life, there is nothing that has alone advantages with disadvantages. So in this paragraph; I will be listing the pros and cons of becoming a seller on Walmart Marketplace.


  • No monthly or set up fees.
  • It drives direct visits to the seller’s site.
  • Wider Customer base.
  • Sales there are very high.
  • It has well-improved seller support.

Above are some pros of partnering with Walmart to be a seller.


  • Display of low margins.
  • There are rules for the shipping process.
  • Listing issues.
  • Seller support is delayed.

These are some cons of the Walmart marketplace. above all when compared, the pros and cons, I personally think that the platform is not a bad one and it will actually be a great place to start from.

Become A Walmart Marketplace Seller

To become a Walmart marketplace seller and put your business on the go, there are steps you would need to carry out. The steps are:

Register with Walmart Marketplace

To become a seller, you would need to become a registered marketplace seller via the online application form. The filling of the form takes up to 10 – 15 minutes and it asks for some preliminary information about the product you want to include in the marketplace. The approval process takes up to 3 or more weeks for Walmart to approve and notify you.

Complete the Partner Profile

The partner profile is simply the representation of the company to other customers shopping on So when completing the profile, you would have to take time and do it thoroughly. Walmart partner profile consists of;

  • Company Information.
  • Customer Service Info.
  • Shipping Options.
  • Return Policy.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Tax Information.

Upload The Products

Once you have set up the background information, the next step would be adding the products to Walmart and making sure you get customers. to learn how to upload products on the platform, go Here.

Preview the Items and place test orders

Once you have uploaded the products, the next step would be previewing and test them. previewing and placing test orders is easy. you can easily do this by following the on-screen instructions.

Request For Launch And Start Selling

Once everything is ready to go, a pop up will appear in your Seller Setup Checklist asking if you are ready to launch your products. Click on “Yes”. Walmart integration team will then review the account set up, settings and products, and the listings live or public. If you carry out the above steps, you would then become a Walmart Marketplace seller.

As a seller it is important you learn about the Walmart fulfillment processes

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