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The official website for waptrick has been changed from waptrick.com to waptrick.one. It also collaborates with waphan and some other wap sites. Waptrick has all of the good stuff you and your kids would love to enjoy. Youtube has a lot of varieties such as music, videos, games and lots more.

Waptrick.com - Waptrick.one - Waptrick Home

Waptrick.one or waptrick is a good wap site to get all the fun you need. Waptrick is also updated on a regular basis, waptrick.one also has a unique search bar to help you find what you are looking for easily without much stress.

I love waptrick.one because of its amazing and simple to use nature, even someone who knows little or nothing about the web can successfully operate on this platform. Now waptrick contents are very compatible for devices like Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, Itel Java phones, Android, and some others.

You can download the very best of music, videos, games, themes, wallpapers, photos, comedy videos, movie clips and so much more from anywhere in the world. All you need is a good device with a secure data connection. This access is relatively free to all waptrick users. It doesn’t matter if you register an account on waptrick.one or not. I will show you some of the various waptrick categories plus how to access this site and all of its benefits shortly. Below are some waptrick categories;


I love this tab a lot. This is because on this tab you will see all the waptrick contents that were published or released on that very day. Now if you like to click on it do so. It will show you all the categories of all the new updates from which you would see different categories. These categories include new games, new photos and pictures, new animations, new sound effects, and new applications. Click on any of these categories to find contents relating to them.

Dropant Play Online

This is the tab where you get access to free online game, you can connect with lots of waptrick.one users all over the globe and play with them. Note that these games are totally free

Photos and Pictures

On this tab, you will get everything you need or want to get relating to photography


This is the tab where you will get amazing apps to customize your phone or device to your personal taste or look. Other categories are games and videos.

There are also many other tabs which I cannot name all of them now, but to access them follow the steps below

Waptrick.com – How to Access the Official Waptrick Website

  1. Locate your internet browser on your device and launch it.
  2. Hit the search bar and search for waptrick.one.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the page to load and you would be on the official waptrick home page.

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