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The official website for Waptrick has been changed from waptrick.com to Waptrick.one. It also collaborates with Waphan and some other wap sites. It has all the good stuff you and your household would love to enjoy.

Waptrick: Download Apps | Games | Videos | Lyrics | Sounds - Waptrick.one

Here, you get a lot of varieties such as music, videos, games and lots more. This wap site is the right platform to get all the fun you need.

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Waptrick and Waptrick.com

Most people love Waptrick because of its amazing and simple-to-use nature, even someone who knows little or nothing about the web can successfully operate on this platform. Its contents are compatible with devices like Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, Itel Java phones, Android, and some others.

You can download the very best of music, videos, games, themes, wallpapers, photos, comedy videos, movie clips and so much more from anywhere in the world. All you need is a good device with a secure data connection.

This access is relatively free to all of its users. It does not matter if you register an account or not. I will refer you to the various categories and how to access this site and all of its benefits shortly. Below are some Waptrick categories.

Lastest Waptrick Updates

This tab shows you all contents published or released on that very day. Now if you like to click on it do so. It will show you all the categories of all the new updates from which you would see different categories.

These categories include new games, new photos and pictures, new animations, new sound effects, and new applications. Click on any of these categories to find content relating to them.


Are you ready to introduce real-time entertainment to you and your household? Then you should get into their official site, as there are so many fun contents kept in store for you. Follow the steps listed below to begin.

  • Locate your internet browser on your device and launch it
  • Hit the search bar and search for waptrick.com
  • Wait a few seconds for the page to load and you would be on the official Waptrick home page.

All the steps you have seen here are just for you to visit or access the waptrick web page.

How to Stream Waptrick TV Series on waptrick.com

Most people do think that tv series on this site is like every other website that you can download tv series from. But to inform us all, on waptrick.com or waptrick.one is not a website that you can download tv series from.

The main focus of this wapsite is for you to watch or stream your tv series online which waptrick has provided an online movie stream section right inside the site itself. You don’t need to be going onto other sites just to watch your favorite series.

The name of this tv series in-built site on waptrick is “Videovak” and you can also visit it without visiting the main site itself. To visit the videovak, you just have to click or type in this link on your web browser www.videovak.com.

Waptrick Videovak Tv Series

Here I will like us to talk about some of the tv series you can find on this videovak. Before we go on with the names, I want to let us know that there are different categories of tv series in here too just like any other wapsite.

Which we have drama, action, crime, adventure, sci-fi, thriller, comedy, fantasy, mystery, superhero, historical, animation. There is also a documentary, romance, and horror. New let talk about the names of tv series movies.


With the categories of tv series on videovak, that is how the names of series will be listed according to their categories.

  • Go Go Cory Carson.
  • Rick and Morty.
  • The Boss Baby.
  • Erased.
  • The Dark Crystal.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender.
  • Love Death and Robots.
  • Undone.
  • Star Wars the Clone Wars.
  • Death Note.

Finally, we are done listing some of the series movies on each of the categories on the waptrick videovak tv series platform.

How to Download Games on Waptrick.com

How to download your favorite games and apps? Follow the steps listed below.

  • Visit the official Wap site on waptrick.com
  • From the categories of content on the homepage, click on “Games”
  • Next, select a subcategory, which depends on the type of game you want. They include; most downloaded games, arcade games, kid, action, racing, movie, classic, casino, sports, Christmas, strategy, mind, puzzle, and misc
  • After selecting any of the subcategories above, and scroll through the list of game results on the next page
  • Click on the “Download” link
  • Here, you will have to save the game file to a preferred folder on your device

This will begin the download of the app into your device. After the download, open the game and enjoy the moment!

How to Download Applications on Waptrick.com

Several different applications are also available for download on this website. It also serves as an app store for you. There are different types of apps to download, which range from social to funny, security apps to guides, dictionaries to music, messengers to phone tools and so much more!

  • Visit the official Waptrick site.
  • On the homepage of the site, scroll down to click on “Applications”
  • Select the type of app to download on the next page
  • From the list of apps displayed to you, select the app you want to download
  • Click on the “Download” link
  • Save the app file to a folder on your device and that’s it!

That’s how it works. This process will begin the download of the app to your device, after which you can access and make use of it.

How to Download Videos on Waptrick.com

Who knows? You may just need the right video clips to keep you relaxed and entertained at the moment! Waptrick has got the right content for you. Ranging from music videos to films, video clips and so much more.

  • Get on this website through your web browser
  • On the homepage, tap on “Videos”
  • Next, click on “Waptrick Videos”
  • There are different types of videos available for download. They are; most downloaded videos, movie trailers, music videos, sports, cartoons, TV series, funny, interesting incidents, and more
  • Select a category from the ones listed above and click on the video you want to download
  • Proceed further by clicking on the “Download” link
  • Save the file to a folder on your device, as the download process begins

After the download, you can find the video in the folder you saved it to.

How to Download Photos & Pictures on Waptrick.one

You can also find fun-filled and amazing photos and pictures.

  • Launch your web browser and visit the site on waptrick.com
  • Click on the category of the file you want to download; “Photos”
  • At the top of the page, select the category of photos to download
  • Search for or scroll through the contents and select the photo of your choice
  • Click on “Download” and save the photo to a folder on your device

Wait for some time for the photo to download to your device, find the folder, and access the photo you just downloaded.

How to Download Animations on Waptrick.com

It is also possible to get your favorite animations and effects from this Wap site. Follow the steps listed below.

  • Get on their official website through your web browser
  • From the list of options given to you, select “Animations”
  • Next, select the type of animation you want, which include; new animations, most download animations, love, funny, nature, fantastic, sports, celebration, vehicle, religion, and others
  • From the search results, click on any animation you want
  • Click on the “Download” link
  • Save the animation file to your device

This will automatically download the animation to your device. You can go to the folder you saved it to and access your file.

How to Download Sound Effects on Waptrick.com

Gain access to funny sound effects, a free sound library, and more!

  • Using your web browser, get on this amazing Wap site on waptrick.com
  • Scroll through and click on “Sound Effects”
  • Select the sound effect you want, as you will  be given a list of effects from here
  • Pick any sound effect by clicking on it
  • Tap on the download button on the page
  • You will be directed to another page where you have to click on the three horizontal dots to download
  • Save the file to a folder on your device and that’s it

You can now find and make use of this sound effect on your device.

Dropant Play Online on Waptrick.com

This has to do with online games. In this case, you do not get to download them, you have to play them online. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Get on the official Waptrick site
  • Click on “Dropant Play Online”
  • Once you get on the online games section, click on the game you want to download
  • Next, tap on the “Play” button

Waptrick Wallpapers and Themes

There are also amazing wallpapers and themes available for download. Several different designs of wallpapers and themes are just so many depending on the purpose you may need it for. For whatever you may need it for, below are the steps to download the wallpaper or theme of your choice.

  • Visit this download site through your web browser.
  • From the list of categories, select the file to download; “Live Wallpapers” or “Themes”.
  • Here, you will find different categories of wallpapers or themes to download. They include; country flags, celebrity, social, funny, nature, animals, sports, and more!
  • Click on any categories and select them or wallpaper to download.
  • Tap on the “Download” link.
  • Save the file to a folder on your device.

This has downloaded the theme or wallpaper to your device.

Song Lyrics on Waptrick.com

Who loves to sing along to their favorite track? Everyone would love to do that! Find and gain access to song lyrics of several different music tracks.

  • On this Wap site, scroll down to click on “Song Lyrics”
  • Select how you want to search for the lyrics; artiste name, song name, or song lyrics
  • Click on the alphabet that starts the name of the song you want the lyrics to. You can also type in and search for the name of the song using the search bar at the top of the page
  • You will get search results, as you scroll through to find what you want

Following these steps, you can get just what you want on this site.

Waptrick Horoscope

This is also one amazing feature on this site. On the homepage, along with other categories, you will find Horoscope. To know yours, click on it and select your star name. Here, you will get your horoscope.

How to Change Language on Waptrick.one

You do not understand English so well, you can change to what you actually understand! All you have to do is get on the site and scroll down to click on “Change Language”. Select your preferred language.

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