In the matter of Watch Unlimited Movies Online it is either you pay for it or you don’t. Those are two choices you have. Watching unlimited movies online where you don’t get to pay for it is really great. But you will be faced with some unexpected problems. Personally, these problems will be well expected and anticipated by me.

Watch Unlimited Movies Online - Top 5 Platforms to Stream Movies Online

Most platforms online where you get to stream movies online where you don’t have to pay for it usually have problems with quality. It is either the picture quality is low or the sound quality is really bad. If you are really unfortunate you will be faced with both.

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Watch Unlimited Movies Online

Do you know that movie streaming and download platforms are making the news right now? Do you want to know why? Everyone is recently confined in their homes exercising the stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of the coronavirus. What do you do to make your time at home worth it?

Are you going to sleep all day every day? Or are you going to spend all your time eating? Trust me, the only thing that will help you get through time during this period is entertainment. You need quality entertainment in the form of music or videos. But we all know that when it comes to entertainment, movies take the cut.

There are lots of platforms where you can now subscribe online and stream movies nonstop. If you don’t know of any of these platforms, you have nothing to worry about as you are in safe hands.

Well, normally you can just go online and search for these platforms. But if you can’t, I will be giving you a list of some of the platforms where you can watch and stream movies online for a fee.

Top 5 Platforms to Stream Movies Online

I will be going right straight to the point without any dilly-dallying. Below are some of the top platforms online where you can stream movies online for a fee;


Netflix is a very popular platform. And currently, this platform is almost like a household name. Everyone now knows of this platform. This is the best and most used streaming platform in the world right now. On this platform, you can easily stream movies, TV series, and other TV programs.

The platform is often updated. This platform is an ad-free platform. And if you are serious about getting a streaming platform, then this is the first place you should try out.

Although this platform is updated regularly it is slow to update. Episodes of TV shows are also not ready immediately. There is no commitment to this platform as you can cancel out your subscription at any time you want.

You can also download content on this platform for offline viewing. When you sign up for an account on this platform you will be given a one-month free trial. When your trial ends subscription fee begins at $7.99 monthly.


This platform is the second on the list because just like Netflix it’s also very popular. The platform is a major competitor to Netflix. It offers a rich library of movies, TV series, and other programs. There are some users who even prefer it to Netflix. Hulu has commercials running in one of its plans which is also free.

Hulu offers two premium offers. One of the plans offered on the platform has limited commercials while the other has no ads. You can stream the programs on this platform on multiple devices. It also contains lots of original content just like the Netflix platform.

You will also get access to both old and new episodes of shows. Although this platform is really great, its movie section is not as good as the TV series platform. You also cannot watch content offline. The free trial period for this platform is one month and after the free trial period, the subscription fee starts from $7.99 monthly.

Amazon Prime Video

The third on the list, amazon prime video has a very rich library when it comes to movies and TV series to watch. When you sign up for an Amazon account, you will get the amazon prime video for free. Although if you don’t have an amazon prime account you can subscribe to it separately.

One downside of this platform is that it does not include recent episodes of current TV series and shows. Some movies on the platform are only available to rent or buy. It also is not supported on Chromecast. There are no commercials on the platform.

It runs on a handful of devices such as mobile devices, computers, streaming media players, and game consoles. It has a free trial period of one month and subscription fees start from $8.99 monthly.

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes is a very popular platform among Apple device users. The iTunes app is mainly used for music and app downloads. This platform is still a popular platform to watch favorite shows and movies. You can rent or buy content on the platform in high or standard definition.

This platform contains newly released TV shows and programs. It is compatible with Windows devices and Apple devices. It is not compatible with other devices. There are no commercials on this platform.

Google Play

Wow, did you know that Google play has its own video streaming service? Yes, it does. Just as iTunes is to apple devices, Google Play is the same with android devices. New contents on the platform are expensive. You can filter by top-charts, genre, and new releases and there are no commercials on the platform.

You can’t purchase shows from mobile devices but can only view shows bought from a computer. Also, you can rent content on the platform for as low as $3.99 for a 30-day rental and a 48-hour start to finish watch period. You also have an option of $39.99 to buy.


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