Waterproof Kindle. If you did not come across the word kindle or you do not know waterproof kindle, free your mind because you have come to the right place at the right time. All you have to do is grab a chair, sit down and relax your back as I take you on the journey of what a waterproof kindle is.

Waterproof Kindle

Waterproof Kindle

A waterproof Kindle is a series of e-readers that was designed and marketed by Amazon. The waterproof Kindle enables users to browse, buy, download and read newspapers, e-books, magazines and others with wireless networking to the kindle store even while in the rain.

The main primary method why the waterproof kindle was created was for reading books but now, it has now been modified to do other things as well. The word waterproof sounds like a sort of a loose term and I think water-resistant would be a more accurate description. The waterproof kindle can withstand about sixty minutes when it is kept underwater up to 2 meters fresh.

If you are confused about choosing the best waterproof kindle please keep reading on as I would be providing you with the list in the next paragraph of this article of mine.

List of Waterproof Kindle

There are many companies that manufacture waterproof kindle and they are very good for reading at the beach or the bathtub. The major brands that offer various models are Amazon, Kobo, Pocketbook, and Tolino. If you want to purchase the best waterproof kindle then I would recommend this comprehensive list that you will find almost everywhere.

  • Kindle Paperwhite 4
  • Pocketbook Aqua 2
  • Kindle Oasis 2
  • Pocketbook Touch HD 3
  • Kindle Oasis 3
  • Tolino Epos
  • Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2
  • Tolino Vision 4 HD
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight Plus 7.8
  • Kobo Aura Forma
  • Onyx Boox Robinson

Kindle Storage

Many people have been asking the question, How much storage is on a kindle? And am I proud of telling you that your day of searching for the right and the correct answer is over

The Kindle paperwhite is said to have 2GB storage while some previous kindle models had storage of 4GB. The storage of 2GB can allow you to hold up to about 1,000 books on your device. Additionally, you can store your entire library on the Amazon cloud.  Later, you can still move your books from the cloud into your own device as well.

How many Books Can you Store on Kindle?

The first generation of kindle that was made could hold about 1,400 books because it offers 2GB RAM of storage according to Amazon.com. The kindle touch doubles the storage capacity to 4GB and it can enable you to hold about 3,000 books.

Types of Kindles

The amazons kindle electronic reader or tablets allow its users to easily download and consume media without the device being connected to a computer. If you are the type of person that goes out on trips and reads a variety of books like magazines and documents. While you are on a trip you will find the kindle more comfortable for you. Below are the different types of kindles.

  • Kindle
  •  The Kindle Touch
  • Kindle Keyboard
  • The Kindle DX
  • Kindle Fire

I am very sure that with the types of kindles I listed above, you will find the right kindles of your choice

How to Install an SD Card on the Kindle

To install an SD card on the kindle is very easy but most people still find it very difficult. Your kindle might have a lot of space to store hundreds of text files, but you might still need an SD card. With an SD card installed on your kindle, you will be able to increase the number of documents you can store inside. Below are a few steps.


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