WavePad Audio Editor is an outstanding audio editing software designed for all levels of expertise including novice, enthusiasts, and professional music editors. The software lets you seamlessly edit and record voice, music, and various other audio clips.

Wavepad Audio Editor - ‎WavePad the Best Music and Audio Editor Ever

The software is easy to use and free for non-commercial use. However, the simplicity of the user interface won’t compromise any performance due to the extensive toolset that WavePad offers its users.


Wavepad Audio Editor

The interface has a clean and attractive layout, it places everything you need right before you. The toolbar is located at the top of the editor and is quick and easy to navigate.

WavePad is an amazing tool for all forms of audio clips that are used by novices and professionals.

  • You can use the software to edit music tracks and chart-toppers or to create sound effects for homemade movies or box office titles.
  • You can also practice as much as you’d like without paying for the time spent developing your new skills.
  • Users upload and use tracks from their CD collection, then add the finished project to their collection after burning it to a new CD.
  • Record and export files in a selection of formats.
  • It is compatible with various audio feeds such as microphones, internet streaming, and line-in devices.
  • It offers playback for audio, video, and PC.
  • Search, scrub and bookmark audio to create improved editing on all your projects.

These are the features of the software. With more than 20 effects when recording your voice, you’re in full control.

Wavepad For PC

WavePad Audio Editor is available for Windows and MacOS computers, Android and iOS devices. With a mobile device, you can take your editing software wherever you go.

You can download this editing app on your Windows and macOS computer. The software Offers several basic and advanced features that make music editing easy and interesting. Apart from the basic editing feature like trim, cut, copy, paste, delete and add silence to recordings, the software also offers functions like reverb, echo, amplification, and normalization, and lots more.

The software is best for starters and experienced music editors, this free program comes with a vast sound library that contains effects and royalty-free music. Moreover, it also supports the use of plugins and saves audio in popular audio formats.

Users who wish to access more tools have the option of upgrading to the premium version of WavePad download. The free version includes almost all features that you might find in other similar programs like Audacity, Lexis Audio Editor, and Free Audio Editor.

Wavepad Audio Editor Download

To download the application on your mobile phone be it android or iOS, take these steps.

  • Move to the Apple app store/Play Store.
  • Find the app and click on the Install/Get widget.
  • Provide your Apple ID and password, for iPhone users.
  • Continue with the onscreen directives to complete the process.

To get the app on your windows/macOS device go to your computer, find the app and then download and install the software.


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