Education doesn’t matter your age, that is to say, whether you’re fine or forty there are Websites for Online Courses for you. Courses online are endless regarding education. Interested individuals do not need an Ivy League education to have a world-class education.

Websites for Online Courses


There are plenty of websites for you to take online courses which I will be listed below. And in the article, I will be listing out some of the best sites to use.

Websites for Online Courses

Studying online courses is a leisure thing. That is to say, you can study at a convenient time for you. There’s flexibility over the courses you study and you study anything you wish to.

Individuals can get a more tailored approach to education. With the way things are going now, one of the best means of studying is using online means.

Online means are simple, cheaper, and quick better if you’re a career that you’re pursuing. Also, age doesn’t really matter, you can be Eighty and still study online if you want

Reasons to Study Online

There are plenty of reasons why you should probably study online and they include the following;

  • Online courses provide a more comfortable environment for learning.
  • It is at a pace that suits you.
  • There are many choices for you to make from.
  • Better communication.
  • It helps to improve your technical skills.
  • It is very flexible and convenient.
  • You can manage your family and work commitments.
  • Lower cost.
  • Credits can be transferred.

There are many other beneficial reasons why you should study online. With that being said, let’s dive into the best websites for online courses.

Best Websites for Online Courses

There are lots of websites for learning online, but choosing the best is very important. That’s why I will be listing out some of the best websites for online courses. Below are the best websites for learning online;

Lynda is a Veteran in the online education space or platform the network provides or offers a subscription-based video tutorial library for students. Lynda is a great education hub for professionals searching to learn new or advanced skills relating to business, technology, creativity, etc. Visit Lynda Website to learn more.


This is an incredible education hub that offers valuable resources. Udemy has over 700 courses to choose from and new ones are added monthly.

Though it is more expensive than others but actually worth it. To learn more about Udemy, visit the website.

Khan Academy

In the online education space or hub, Khan Academy is actually a nonprofit website for learning. The mission of this site is to provide free education to anyone from anywhere. It is free for both students and teachers. Khan Academy offers students from kindergarten via early college. It provides topics including grammar, history, math, science, and many more.


edX was founded by Harvard and MIT. It is a global non-profit hub that actually seeks to remove three barriers of education (traditional); location, access, and cost. It is a hub for learning and acquiring new skills.


It is one of the leading online education providers of open online courses. Coursera has partnered with universities and organizations all around the world to offer universal access to education. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from. It is a very powerful tool or hub for education and very useful if you wish to study different topics.


Udacity is a great education hub with a focus on technology. The courses are small but well-selected and crafted. It is very affordable and effective. The courses teach students skills that are highly in demand by organization employers. For those planning to work in technology, this is the perfect website for you to go and learn and get more skills in technology.


For those searching for online courses that are free, Alison is probably the best choice you can get. Alison is one of the biggest learning hubs that offer free as well as high-quality courses to students. There are courses on health, designs, languages, business, etc. Alison offers certificate and diploma courses.


This is actually one of the most popular online learning platforms or websites. Skillshare has a massive collection of over 20, 000 classes that are divided into categories. The categories are; Thrive (Lifestyle, Productivity), Build (Business Analytics, Freelance & Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management, Marketing) and Create (Animation, Film & Video, Graphic Design, Music, Creative Writing, Photography, Web Development and more).


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