Today Facebook is Welcoming all these users or members to the new Dating and that is how the key phrase of the article came about Welcome to Facebook Dating.

For those who have been using the dating service on the platform before now, you see that when creating the account, there is a notification displayed on your screen.

Welcome to Facebook Dating - Facebook Dating App | Facebook Dating Account

That message or notification is the welcome message that every user who chooses to sign up for a dating account receives once after their sign-up.

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Welcome to Facebook Dating

The dating feature has been on the Facebook app and website for a long, it is about 4 years now and many people have been using it. Facebook dating has helped so many single users who are seeking a relationship online to find one. You can also find one perfect relationship for yourself by accessing the dating app on Facebook.

Not everybody knows the way to substitute in front of a woman or guy to inform him or her how he feels. But Facebook has made it very easy for everyone, that you simply don’t need to see an individual face to face before going into a relationship with them.

Facebook Dating

What you only need to do is to feature them on your friend list on Facebook and begin chatting with them. it’s that easy, not like standing ahead of a man or a woman and therefore the worst thing is that you simply don’t know what to mention at that moment.

After you have signed up for an account on Facebook, it’s time for you to look for Facebook online dating groups for a relationship. What you would like to try is to log in to your Facebook account, click on the program right inside the Facebook home page, and sort in “dating groups” or “online dating groups.”

Then click on the group’s button at the highest of the result screen. There you’ll see different sorts of dating groups that you simply can join, you’ll also look for dating groups by searching with the name of the country you would like.

Facebook Dating Feature

Note that the dating app or feature is not assigned to all the countries that make up the world but 40 percent (%) of the countries have started using it. There are so many names of countries where this service is available. Like we have Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Guyana.

We also have other countries like Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam. Apart from the mentioned countries here, there are some other newly added countries.

Facebook Dating App

Most people do think Facebook has a dating app whenever they see something like this. I want to inform you all about the dating app, the dating app on Facebook is not every other dating app you may know of.

This is an in-built app that can only be found right inside the platform and not on the app store or thinking of downloading it. You cannot download the dating app on Facebook, the only way you can access it is through your old FB account. This is to say, that if you don’t have an FB account, you can’t access the dating section on the platform.

One more thing, if you are to download any app is the FB official app which is the Facebook mobile app and it also works on laptops or desktops. You can download the FB app from your device app store, but if you already have the app, you just have to update it to the latest version of the app to access the dating section.

Dating Single Men and Ladies on Facebook

Dating single men and ladies on Facebook has been made very easy. With the dating home now open and available for your use, you’ll attach it with other singles too. This dating profile is broken away from the most Facebook profiles that you simply have already got.

However, you’ve got to access this dating home through your Facebook account, so as for you to start dating single men and ladies on Facebook. Setting your dating profile together with your main Facebook account doesn’t mean that your Facebook friends will see your dating profile.

No, they won’t! you’re safe and secured. So, to get started with the services that permit you to start dating single men and ladies on Facebook, you would like to open a Facebook account.

How to Open a Facebook Account

You need to open your Facebook account for you to line up your dating profile. it’s easy to urge your Facebook account. The steps you will see below are for those that do not have a Facebook account, you can use the steps below to create your account.

  • Open a Facebook account on
  • Provide your full name, email, or number.
  • It provides your password for the account
  • Provide your date of birth and gender.
  • Sign Up.

Next, you’ve got to line up your complete Facebook profile which is all for the account.

Facebook Dating Account

This is where we will be rounding up with this article, this part will explain more to you on how you can create or sign up for the dating app feature on Facebook. Following all these steps here, it will be very easy for you to create your account freely.

  • Navigate to your Facebook account profile if you are using the web version. But for those using the mobile app, just access the menu icon at the top right corner of the homepage.
  • You will see the dating app icon there, click on it and you can start by creating your account. The same applies to web users, you will find the dating app icon at the top of your profile, just click on it.
  • Now for both users, type in your personal information or details and you are one way to see the welcome message.

When you are through with all the boxes by providing all the details needed from you, you can now take yourself as a user of the dating app. You can only access the dating app if it is available in your country or location.


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