West Dean College of Arts and Conservation is a great school for skill acquisition. It is situated in the 6,350-acre (25.7 km2) West Dean Estate, of West Dean near Chichester. Thus, the Estate was formerly the home of the poet and patron of the arts Edward James.

West Dean CollegeEdward James was an avid admirer of the Surrealist movement and formed one of the biggest collections of their works during his lifetime. He inherited West Dean House and the estate after the death of his father, William Dodge James.

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However, explore your study options from short courses to Foundation, Diploma, and Masters degrees. Their students achieve ground-breaking work in arts or craft or apply their skills to the conservation of their national and international cultural heritage.

West Dean College

Get degrees and diplomas – excellence in arts and conservation. Do you know that studying for your degree or diploma could be life-changing? You can expect a
Creative environment with a forward-thinking approach
Professional connections and a strong focus on craft techniques in a variety of subject specialisms.

Also take advantage of exceptional facilities, talented tutors and small class sizes.
Lots of alumni work with collections and museums of international significance or pursue their creative practice.

So, make time to make on a short course and be inspired by one of 300+ short courses. With this college, get ready to learn new skills or develop existing talents, especially with courses from beginner to advanced with expert tutors, from 1-5 days in length.
You can learn a new skill today, right at the comfort of your home with their online arts and craft courses.

West Dean School of Design

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation has merged together with the KLC School of Design on 31 July 2021. Combining their strengths, the school is in a better position to meet the fast-changing needs of students, the organization they serve and the rapidly changing world beyond.

Moreover, students will also be given greater choice in their studies going forward, with a wider range of courses in complementary subjects. And its focus will remain firmly on fostering creative excellence and innovation, offering the ideal setting for students to acquire and apply the skills needed for successful careers in the arts, conservation and design industries.

West Dean College Short Courses

With this college, make out time to select from 500+ new arts and craft courses available to book online now
Students can now book a course to look forward to in the months ahead. So whether you’re a complete starter wanting to try something new or are keen to develop your existing talents, join a group of like-minded people and try a new skill in a creative and restorative environment, by enrolling in the school.

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With West Dean College, get involved with:

  • Online courses with materials boxes. Students enjoy the flexibility of doing a Short Course at their own pace
  • The Bite-size tutorials from the College’s expert Short Course Tutors
  • Outstanding creative writing exercises from Subject Leader Mark Radcliffe
  • Enjoy the virtual tour of the College – explore the degree and diploma studios and workspaces

Online Hub

Find digital resources to connect with the College and tutors, including their online Short Courses.
You can visit the online hub for a range of resources and information to connect with the College from home. No doubt that these online arts and craft courses, tutorials, and exercises from the West Dean community will inspire your creativity.

Online Learning Opportunities

In response to the changing educational landscape and the increasing demand for flexible learning options, West Dean College of Arts and Conservation has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of online courses. These online courses provide individuals with the opportunity to learn new skills and explore various artistic and craft disciplines right from the comfort of their own homes.

Key features of West Dean College’s Online Courses:

  1. Flexibility: Online courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace, making them ideal for individuals with busy schedules or those looking to balance learning with other commitments.
  2. Materials Boxes: Some courses come with materials boxes, ensuring that you have the necessary supplies to complete your projects effectively.
  3. Expert Tutors: The college’s online courses are led by expert tutors who bring their knowledge and experience to guide students through their creative journeys.
  4. Creative Writing: Students can benefit from outstanding creative writing exercises led by Subject Leader Mark Radcliffe, enhancing their ability to express themselves artistically.
  5. Virtual Tour: Explore the college’s degree and diploma studios and workspaces virtually, giving you a glimpse into the creative environment that students experience.

Online Hub for Resources:

West Dean College’s Online Hub provides a wealth of digital resources to connect with the college and its tutors. Whether you’re looking for tutorials, exercises, or creative inspiration, you can find it on the online hub.

By offering online arts and craft courses, West Dean College ensures that creativity knows no boundaries. Students from around the world can tap into the expertise and creativity fostered by the college, allowing them to explore their passions and develop their skills.

The convenience of online learning, combined with the college’s commitment to artistic excellence, makes West Dean College of Arts and Conservation a valuable resource for anyone seeking to embark on a creative journey or further their skills in the arts, conservation, and design industries.


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