West Dean Gardens – having a cool garden in your environment can build up your lifestyle in pleasant ways. The cool flourishing flowers enabled your mental health and entire body system to relax at all times.

West Dean Gardens
It is a beautiful garden at the South Downs, located in the Sussex United Kingdom. The  Garden is open to the public. The Garden receives tourists and students to their cosy environment. Visitors are allowed to explore this great historic place and walked around the grounds.

When visiting the gardens visitors need to pre-booked tickets online. Tickets are available for visitors to booked two weeks ahead of their visitation. Make your plans and get your tickets booked to have a wonderful time at West Dean Gardens.

West Dean Gardens

West Dean Gardens has been in existence since 1622, it housed a manor house that was built by James Lewkenor. In 18040, the gardens began to expand with the building of the current house, also a park was laid and the kitchen was built and enclosed to the walls.
Also, beeches, limes, horse chestnuts, planes and cedars present now were built from that time too.

It is a college of Arts and Conservation with an international profile for art education and conservation. Its an institution for excellence, creativity and tranquillity also, a unique Institution for study, stay and visit. It was founded by Edward James with the aim of connecting today’s students and visitors with the rich heritage of arts, crafts and creative possibility.

The West Dean Garden is one of the great gardens restored and opens to the public in the United Kingdom. The gardens are part of The Edward James Foundation, and its registered charity and comprise of West Dean Gardens, West Dean Estate and West Dean Tapestry Studios.

West Dean Gardens Media

They connect bloggers, television producers and journalists to news and developments about conservation and creative arts projects, events, gardens news, research and more. The Garden also serve as a film production site for film production companies. The Garden was used for film production by BBC recently.

West Dean Gardens Estate

The estate is the campus for the West Dean College and West Dean Gardens locations. It’s a few miles north of Chichester on the western South Downs, stretching six miles, nine kilometres from the southern shallow ‘dip’ slope to the northern steep ‘scarp’ slope.

The West Dean Garden has its prints in the sand of times. It’s been mentioned in the Domesday Book and the Earls of Arundel and Dukes of Norfolk had the land for about 500 years before selling it out to different ownership.

In 1891 the James family purchase the estate and architects Ernest George and Harold Peto had tasked to change both the interior and exterior of the house. This brought about the birth of the West Dean Garden Estate today.

However, it was the vision of an extraordinary man, Edward James. He had the vision and was a passionate teacher of traditional heritage and craft skills. Today the institution runs a world-class education programme in continuation of this man’s vision who are his supporters. If you’re a passionate person on historic conservation and arts and loves the tranquillity and inspiration on the West Dean Garden contact and support them at https://www.westdean.org.uk/about/support-us.

it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year (1971-2021). The West Dean Garden was open in 1971 and this year 2021 makes it 50 years. The 50th anniversary is going to be a year-long celebration from October 2021 – September 2022 with special short courses, events and exhibitions to be featured.

West Dean College of Arts And Conservation Admission

The college is part of West Dean Gardens like mentioned earlier. The college welcomes applications from students in the UK and international students as well. Students are welcome to apply for a degree or diploma studies in the college. Find out more details information on admissions, how to apply, student funding (bursaries, and scholarships), accommodation, relaxing and socialising and our alumni here https://www.westdean.orh.uk/study/student-informatiom/funding


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