What Did Bitcoin Start At – Bitcoin Price History / Bitcoin Price 2009 To 2021


What Did Bitcoin Start At? Bitcoin has been in existence for over 13 years. It was unveiled in 2008 and was created to revolutionize the monetary system. Also, BTC was introduced then as Bitcoin: peer-to-peer electronic cash system.”

What Did Bitcoin Start At - Bitcoin Price History / Bitcoin Price 2009 To 2021

What Did Bitcoin Start At

However, the currency was designed to be open and resistant to censorship. With the use of blockchain tech, it creates an immutable ledger preventing double-spending. Are you searching for BTC price history? Do you want to what its startup was? You’re in the right place.

Find out the price of bitcoin from the start till date in this write-up. This article will give you the price history of bitcoin. Here is the summary of the BTC price from inception to date.

  • 2010 – BTC$0.0008, then move to $0.08.
  • April 2013 – $250. By the end of the year, it hits $1,164.
  • October 2015- $245.
  • January 2016- $433. By December it increased to $959.
  • January 2017 – $1,035.24, December – $18,940.57.
  • January 2020- $6,950.56, March – $4,841.67, December – $29,402.64.
  • 2017 February- $48.200.

As you can see, there are the dates and years which bitcoin starts.

Bitcoin Price History / Bitcoin Price 2009 To 2021

Bitcoin started trading at a value of $0.0008 US dollars by month-end, in July 2010. The digital currency price was low until April 2013, when it hits $250. It started growing from time to time, as it keeps growing, the more the knowledge about it grows.

So, unlike the dollar that works as a single unit of currency, BTC’s value was fluctuating from $0 to $250. A new measurement was taken by introducing units called millibitcoin, micro bitcoin, and satoshis. To break it down, one bitcoin is equivalent to 1,000mBTC, 1,000,000 uBTC or 100,000,000 satoshis.

However, before the end of 2013, the BTC price has increased to $1,164 US dollars. Although the cybercash had a long way to go before getting to its 2021 peak, moved much lower before going higher, that is between 2014 and 2015. By October 2015 the value went down to $245.

Here comes the year bitcoin value increased. At the beginning of January 2016, the bitcoin price value was $433 and ended the year at $959, which is a 121% increase within 12 months.

In 2017 bitcoin was adopted by the Mainstream, and the introduction of new cryptocurrencies and coverage from mainstream financial media added about 1,729% to BTC value. That is, the BTC price rose from $1,035.24 to $18,940.57 starting from January to December 2017.

Coming to the year 2020, the year where the world is in total lockdown due to covid-19. Bitcoin Price at the beginning of the year was $6,950.56, in March the value was brought down to $4,841.67. This created a buying opportunity that helped bitcoin gain back its losses in May 2020. BTC started to emerge as a protective asset for the Millennial and Generation Z crowd.

2020/2021- The Rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin rally continued all through 2020. And there was a massive increase before the end of the year. The digital asset before the year runs out was at $29,402.64, that is, a 323% year over year rise and a 507% rise from March. It continued to 2021 where it hits a high of $48,200 as of February 9. The price as of May 15, was $48.259.04.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Do you want to invest in bitcoin? If yes follow the directions beneath.

  • Register with a bitcoin exchange or investment platform.
  • Get your bitcoin wallet. You can get your BTC Wallet by downloading from the app store.
  • Go ahead and set up your bitcoin wallet. However, you will have to link your wallet to your bank account to enable you to buy and sell coins.
  • Buy bitcoin.
  • Manage your BTC investments. Make an online transaction, do day trading, and many more.

These are the easiest steps to take to invest in bitcoin.

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