What does Rebuilt Title Means? When shopping or looking for a new vehicle, you might come across one with a Rebuilt Title while these vehicles can be a good fit for the right buyer, it’s important to understand all aspects of them before deciding to buy or pass.

What does Rebuilt Title Means

There are a lot of people out there who are afraid of getting a Rebuilt vehicle because they don’t know the true meaning of a Rebuilt vehicle and the things that are to be considered before getting a Rebuilt vehicle.

So, if you want to find out more about what Rebuilt Title means keep on reading this article because we will be giving you the basic required information you need to know about the rebuilt title.

What does Rebuilt Title Mean – Rebuilt Title

When a car with a salvage title has been repaired, it can receive a Rebuilt Title. This informs the buyer of the previous history of the vehicle. To receive a rebuilt title, the vehicle must go through a series of tests to make sure it is safe and oaky to drive in some states, however, in other states, there might not be any requirement to inform prospective buyers of the vehicle’s history.

Before you can really understand the true meaning of Rebuilt Title, you need to have an understanding of a Salvage Title because a rebuilt title can really be understood in terms of the differences between a rebuilt and salvage title. Keep on reading to know the differences between rebuilt and salvage titles.

What is a Salvage Title? – Salvage Title

A Salvage Title is designated for when the vehicle’s repair costs outweigh its market value and the vehicle is considered totalled, this normally occurs when an insurance company considers that the vehicle is beyond repair. Some of the most common reasons why a car might have a salvage title are flood damage accidents or a stolen car.

What are the Differences Between Rebuilt and Salvage Titles?

The difference between rebuilt vs. salvage title vehicles were once salvaged but have been renovated. They are then taken to the DMV where they pass a rigorous inspection that ensures they’re in perfect condition. When they have passed the test, they’re redesignated as rebuilt title vehicles. Now you know the differences between rebuilt and salvage titles.

How does a Car get a Salvage or Rebuilt Title?

Now if a vehicle incurs extensive damage and the repair probability is between 70%-90% of the car’s worth, then the insurance company may consider the car as a total loss. once the car has been considered a loss, a state motor vehicle agency changes the car’s title to either junk or salvage. After it has been resented with salvage title, you cannot drive, sell or register the vehicle until it has been repaired.

At this point, the salvage vehicle can be sold by the insurer to a third party that has an interest in repairing the vehicle or maybe breaking it down for parts. If the vehicle is been repaired it will need to pass safety necessities before being given a rebuilt title by the state’s motor vehicle agency.

How does a Rebuilt Title Affect the Worth of a Car?

A vehicle having this will likely have a lower market value because it underwent significant damage. It has been used and repaired a lot of o times compared to similar models with clean titles, that have not been used. A car with a rebuilt title could have a very low value like 20% or 40%, amounting to potentially thousands of dollars.

Should you Buy a Car with a Rebuilt Title?

This determines your state or situation. Thinking about it could be a good deal to buy a car with this title. In some states, vehicles must go through rigorous inspections to receive a rebuilt title. And because the vehicle had a salvage title at one point, the resale value could be much less. This means you could significantly.

A few things to consider when by a vehicle with a rebuilt title are:

  • How was the car damaged?
  • Process of the vehicle repair and the location of the repair.
  • Whether your insurance company will cover a vehicle with a rebuilt title
  • The extent of the damage.

Just because your vehicle with a rebuilt title passed the state examinations does not guarantee your safety, it is vital you go and do your research.


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