If you have been hearing about fantasy football and you don’t have an idea of what it is all about while you are on the right page. So, you will be asking yourself what is football fantasy, if you are among do people trying to know everything about it.

What is Fantasy Football

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What is Fantasy Football?

Yes, of course, Fantasy football is known as a game that involves the participants serving as owners and general managers of a virtual professional American football team. By participating in a draft in which all relevant National Football League (NFL) players are available the competitors will select their rosters.

Fantasy Football Yahoo | Yahoo Fantasy Football

We all know that Yahoo Sports is a category on the Yahoo platform where all sports lovers get the latest updates on daily sports news or events. If you are involved in Fantasy Football Games you can get Fantasy Football Updates from Yahoo Platform (Fantasy Football). Yahoo Fantasy Football is just the updates you can get on Yahoo Sports news, so don’t get confused with the keyword “Fantasy Football Yahoo” or “Yahoo Fantasy Football”.

Fantasy Football ESPN | ESPN Fantasy Football

If you don’t know the meaning of ESPN, it means Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. If you are talking about Fantasy ESPN, it is where you can also get all Fantasy Games Updates just like Yahoo Fantasy Football.

Note: You can also get updates on Fantasy Football from CBS ( Fantasy Football CBS ). The meaning of CBS is Columbia Broadcasting System. You should know that CBS is a news platform that also gives daily sports news and events.

How to play Fantasy Football

To be a good fantasy football player you will need to give all how skills as a fantasy owner. Against other fantasy owners, you scout and draft players, and then give all your strategy to win the championship after you have joined a league.

These are the steps on how to play fantasy football:

  • You join a league after creating a year account here
  • By scouting plays you prepare for your league draft
  • Your fantasy football team via draft should be built
  • Every week your team competes against another team.
  • Your moves should the toward improving your team
  • The team (hopefully) makes the playoffs and wins your league.

When does Fantasy Football start?

This is known to be a general rule, at the same time as the start of week 1 of the regular season game starts. At the first game of the season on September 9, 2021 scoring will start. This is trying to tell you that players will set themselves up for pain if they are inquiring about when drafts will become available.

To avoid heartbreak at the hands of the preseason gods it is recommended to hold off on drafting as long as possible. the starter is not playing and risking doesn’t mean it is not a regular-season game. To peruse the finalized rosters before sitting down to pick the players to rely on for the next four months it is recommended to hold off on drafting at least until the need of the final preseason game.

The team can be drafted as early as possible if you are a fantasy player, waiting forever is not an option. The best time to draft is at the very least in September.

How does Fantasy Football work?

Fantasy football owners collect points based on how real-life footballers perform. From premier league footballer, you just have to choose a virtual team, and you will earn points if their real-life counterparts do well.

In more explanation, if you buy a play-on the game and the player you bought scores a goal, you will be rewarded with a point. If you also buy a keeper in the fantasy football game and the keeper keeps a clean sheet you also gain points. In the arrangement of your team, it can not just be any strikers this means you can’t buy 11 strikers. You need to have a complete team that involves goalkeepers, defenders, and midfielders too, with the choice of substitute for each position.

These are the things you need to know about how fantasy football works:

The Waypoints Work | Fantasy Football Rankings

All position on the pitch comes with their points-earning way. for things such as saving a penalty, the goalkeepers and defenders are most commonly rewarded for keeping a clean sheet (4 points or (5 points). If a midfielder sets up a goal (3 points) and if a striker scores (4 points).

you need to check how much each real-life action is worth because players in different positions can be rewarded for different things. If you captain a player and in real life, the player performed well you will be given double points instead. While your vice-captain will take over if your captain is not playing for some reason.

If a defender can score in real life the point for the goal will be reflected as (6 points). Through negative actions in real life, players can lose points like being sent off (-3 points) or missing a penalty (-2).

Buying and Selling of Players

You will be given £100m to spend on your team, At the start of the game. so, spend it wisely! You can’t simply buy the best players like that will be too expensive, this has to cover the cost of all 15 players (including subs).

You are allowed to make a transfer by selling a member of your squad and buying a new one each week. A reason to make a transfer might be that one of your players gets injured.

Chips Bonus

 Throughout the season there are four bonus chips which you can use once each. They are as follows:

Triple Captain: instead of double, your captain will get Triple point.

Bench boost: The players on your bench (who don’t normally score points unless a member of your starting XI misses the match) all score points as well for one game per week.

Wildcard: Without incurring any points deductions, it allows you to permanently change your entire team. when you are at least a few weeks into the season it is best you save it till then and have a better idea of who is performing well and who isn’t.

Free Hit: The same as the Wildcard, but your changes will only last one game a week. Your team will go back to how it was before that game weekend.

Who to start Fantasy Football?

If you have been wondering who to start the game with that means this list of players is for you:

  • D. Henry RB-TEN
  • T. Hill WR-KC
  • D. Adams WR-GB
  • A. Jones RB-GB
  • J. Taylor RB-IND
  • D. Henderson Jr… RB-LAR
  • A. Kamara RB-NO
  • C. Kupp WR-LAR
  • T. Kelce TE-KC
  • J. Mixon RB-CIN
  • L. Fournette RB-TB
  • D. Harris RB-NE
  • J. Jacobs RB-LV
  • D. Moore WR-CAR
  • D. Hopkins WR-ARI
  • J. Chase WR-CIN
  • D. Samuel WR-SF
  • C. Ridley WR-ATL
  • D. Swift RB-DET
  • C. Hubbard RB-CAR
  • D. Williams RB-KC
  • T. McLaurin WR-WAS
  • C. Patterson RB-ATL
  • A. Brown WR-TEN
  • M. Evans WR-TB
  • D. Waller TE-LV
  • D. Metcalf WR-SEA
  • M. Andrews TE-BAL
  • C. Godwin WR-TB
  • M. Brown WR-BAL
  • A. Gibson RB-WAS
  • C. Sutton WR-DEN
  • J. Conner RB-ARI
  • A. Brown WR-TB
  • J. Waddle WR-MIA
  • E. Mitchell RB-SF
  • M. Davis RB-ATL
  • D. Smith WR-PHI
  • C. Edmonds RB-ARI
  • B. Cooks WR-HOU
  • R. Woods WR-LAR
  • D. Booker RB-NYG
  • J. Williams RB-DEN
  • M. Sanders RB-PHI
  • A. Collins RB-SEA
  • M. Gordon III RB-DEN
  • D. Johnson RB-CLE
  • T. Higgins WR-CIN
  • M. Pittman Jr. WR-IND
  • T. Lockett WR-SEA
  • K. Pitts TE-ATL
  •  H. Ruggs III WR-LV
  • J. Meyers WR-NE
  • S. Shepard WR-NYG
  • O. Beckham Jr. WR-CLE
  • M. Carter RB-NYJ
  • D. Mooney WR-CHI
  • C. Davis WR-NYJ
  • T. Patrick WR-DEN
  • M. Gaskin RB-MIA


Fantasy football is a popular and engaging virtual game where participants act as owners and general managers of their own American football teams, selecting players in a draft and managing them throughout the season. You can gather fantasy points based on how real-life football players perform, and these points are earned based on specific actions in the game, such as goals scored, clean sheets, and assists, depending on the player’s position.

To excel in fantasy football, you need to make strategic decisions about your team, including buying and selling players within your budget. Additionally, there are bonus chips like the Triple Captain, Bench Boost, Wildcard, and Free Hit, which allow you to make strategic moves throughout the season. Lastly, the article provides a list of suggested players to start your fantasy football journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy football player or new to the game, understanding the rules and strategies is crucial to competing effectively and enjoying the experience. Fantasy football is a great way to engage with the sport and test your management skills while competing against friends or other enthusiasts. So, if you’re interested in getting involved in fantasy football, follow the tips and recommendations mentioned here and start enjoying this exciting virtual sports experience.


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