What is MSN Medical? – MSN Medical stands for Master of Science in Nursing. It is very important to know that medicine is the most popular degree in the world right now. The role of the Nursing career has become in high demand especially for professionals.

Nurses are incredibly part of the health care community. Their services and in-depth knowledge of patients care enabled them to interact more with them according to a physician directive. However, registered nurses that seek to further their studies will advance to MSN that’s to acquire a Master of Science in Nursing.

What Is MSN Medical

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What Is MSN Medical

Globally the demand for nurses has gone up, the world population is on the continuous growth, nurses and physicians are retiring continuously too. This has placed more demand on the increasing healthcare system. The nursing profession needs not only registered nurses but professional nurses too to fill up the gap in the Healthcare system.

To obtain an MSN degree such a nurse already had a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and experience as a Registered Nurse.  MSN programs assist students to specialise in different areas and further improve their knowledge and skills through intense practice and theoretical training. Having your MSN can enable you to apply for doctorate studies in Nursing. To apply for an MSN degree takes from 1-2 years to complete while some take up to 3 years as part-time study.

MSN Degree Specializations 

The MSN degree has Specializations. This speciality is a different career on its own but with the same curriculum, they focus on developing different specific skills. They are as follows:
• Nurse Midwife
• Mental Health
• Nursing Education
• Disability Studies
• Nurse Anesthesia

Nurse Midwife

They help mothers in childbirth to children safety. Assist women in medical check-ups, Planning and parental care.

Mental Health 

they offer support and medical attention to individuals that are suffering from a wide range of mental health issues.

Nurse Anesthesia

This set of Nurses help anesthesiologists, dentists, surgeons and other medical professionals while preparing and administrating anaesthesia.

Disability Studies

These Nurses give healthcare and support to children and adults that are having physical or mental disabilities.

Nursing Education 

This training of aspiring students to become full nurses by Assignments, mentorship, Evaluation and Lesson plans.

MSN Degree Duration – What Is MSN Medical

MSN degree duration is basically dependent on the degree gotten before. Work experience and area of specialisation. According to Everynurse.org https://everynurse.org/msn-programs, there are common paths to MSN degrees. There ate as follows:


A BSN degree takes 1-2 to finish. This is the most common way to get an MSN degree. It is often done by BSN graduates that do not have any working experience.

Registered Nurse To MSN

This takes up to 3 years to complete the programme. A Registered can take MSN with working experience but with no BSN degree. This program equipped students to get both BSN and MSN degrees while studying. Also, some Registered nurses courses to MSN are only accepted applicants with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing.

Accelerated MSN

This study takes 1-3 years to complete the programme and its ideal for students that want to earn BSN and MSN degrees very fast. The programme is also available online but the candidate must have a Bachelor’s in any discipline and a competitive GPA. Candidates need to submit an essay giving reasons for their desire to study Nursing.

However, there are documents that candidate needs to present when applying for an MSN degree.
The documents are as follows:
• Minimum English Language test scores: TOEFL – 70, IELTS – 6.5
• Personal Statement or Essay
• Minimum GPA of 3:0
• Work experience as a Registered Nurse (RN)
• Official documents attesting you’re a registered nurse (if applicable)
• CV
• One or more letters of recommendation

These are documented likely to be required of anyone applying for an MSN degree and it’s based on the type of MSN degree. MSN degree in Nursing is an excellent advancement programme for nurses that have had Nursing experience and want to advance their career. Visit https://www.mastersportal.com/articles/2726/ to get more information.


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