Do you know that there is now a business version of WhatsApp known as WhatsApp business? Whatsapp users all over the world can now get this new version of WhatsApp on their devices and start making use of it now and today. Gone are the days where WhatsApp can only be used to communicate with friends and family.

The platform can now be used for business purposes and this is what the WhatsApp business is all about. With the WhatsApp business tool, connecting with your customers on the platform becomes easier. Are you excited about this development on WhatsApp? If you are and you would love to learn more, then continue reading.

WhatsApp Business

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WhatsApp Business

I am a small business owner and I make use of WhatsApp business to better serve my clients and customers. And if you are a small business owner out there, I recommend this business tool.

The WhatsApp business app was built with small businesses in mind. With this free business app and tool, business owners can now interact and relate with customers easily with the various tools and features it offers.

With this business tool, users can create a business profile and also add other business details such as the company’s website, contact information, and location. One thing and important aspect I love about this tool are that you can actually message customers and send them updates regarding your business regularly. This tool gives you a business presence on WhatsApp and in the process giving you a more efficient and effective way of growing your business.

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business  API is a form or tool of WhatsApp business, although it is slightly different. While WhatsApp business is targeted at small businesses and owners, the WhatsApp business API tool is targeted at medium and large companies and enterprises.

Whatsapp business is free, but the WhatsApp business API on the other hand is known as it offers professional and sophisticated business solutions for medium and large enterprises. Companies will need the support of WhatsApp business solution providers to get access to the API interface.

WhatsApp Business solution provider is a tool that gives companies the access they need to the WhatsApp Business API. These business providers enable companies to use the platform in a professional manner in order to achieve their business goals and targets.

Getting access to these service providers is easy and straight forward but only if you know how to. There are three ways through which companies can access the API. And they are the direct access, interface of an API vendor, and lastly the use of a professional software-as-a-service.

There are two ways companies can use the WhatsApp Business API and that is via customer care and notifications. Customer care is a place where a customer contacts the company. The notifications on the other hand are the messages a company sends to its customers on various occasions. To learn more about the WhatsApp business is and how it works, go here.

WhatsApp Business Vs WhatsApp

While WhatsApp is for private communication, WhatsApp business is made for small businesses. Whatsapp normally is used by users all over the world in keeping in contact with friends and family. But with this business tool released and launched by the platform comes a whole lot of twists.

The WhatsApp business is the business version of WhatsApp and as the name implies it is used for business purposes. Both tolls are completely separate from each other but work in a similar fashion. The only difference between both platforms is that while one is to connect friends and family the other is to connect businesses and customers.

How To Create A Whatsapp Business Account

In order to start making use of the WhatsApp business tool and platform, you will need to set up a separate account for it. To create a WhatsApp business account as you have known by now is free and easy. To create a WhatsApp business account;

  • Firstly download and install the WhatsApp business app on your device from your device’s app store.
  • Next, sign up using your mobile phone number. When choosing a number to sign up with, make sure you are using the number associated with your business.
  • Next, you will need to create a business profile. This is done by providing your business details under the settings tab> business settings> profile.

Enter your details correctly in the sections required.

What is difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp is a free messaging software that allows people to communicate with their family and friends, whereas WhatsApp Business is a different app that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to interact with their clients.

The following are some important differences between the two apps:

1. Profiles: WhatsApp users can build a profile with a name and a profile photo, but WhatsApp Business gives additional business profile elements such as a firm description, address, contact information, and a website link.

2. Messaging: While both applications support text, voice, and video chat, WhatsApp Business adds capabilities like quick replies and automated messaging for customer service and engagement.

3. Broadcasting: WhatsApp Business allows you to send messages to a list of clients or prospects, making it easier to communicate with them.

4. WhatsApp Business provides an API for medium and large enterprises to combine automated messaging, data analytics, and reporting with their existing customer service and marketing platforms.

Overall, WhatsApp Business is geared for enterprises and their communication needs, whilst normal WhatsApp is intended for personal use.


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