WhatsApp has launched a new app, known as WhatsApp Business! This is also a chat messaging platform; however, it is completely different from the standard version of WhatsApp. If you are wondering about the need for launching another version, then you just have to stay right in this article.

How to Use The WhatsApp Business App for Free

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There is absolutely no doubt that messaging has become one major way of communication. And if you own a brand or business, you definitely would love to communicate with your customers! Having this business app makes everything complete. Let’s dive in, as you get to know more amazing facts about this chat messaging service.

WhatsApp Business App

The business app was introduced in the year 2018, as an application for small and medium business owners. The WhatsApp Business App is designed to make it easy for businesses who would love to connect and keep in touch with their customers.

There is just no doubt this can help build brand loyalty and trustworthiness between you and those who need your services. It is so much like the WhatsApp mobile app you already know and make use of. However, this business app just contains more helpful features that help promote your business services.

What does this app give you and your business? It gives you the chance to have a business presence within this chat messaging platform, communicate more, and help you grow. Well, you should note that you can have both the business app and the normal chat messaging app on your smartphone. However, you need to register with different phone numbers. Let’s check out some amazing features of this business app.

WhatsApp Business Features

So many chat messaging apps are now into the game of marketing. About 1.5 billion active users make use of WhatsApp. Right now, they are set for people who own brands out there. So, if you need helpful solutions to provide easy communication between you and your customers, you should download the WhatsApp Business app into your smartphone right away!

  • Create a detailed business profile
  • Get hold of a wide range of business messaging tools
  • Landline/fixed number support
  • Make use of WhatsApp web by syncing your phone and PC
  • View stats that measure message open and read rates
  • Make use of autoresponder messages that make it easier to reply to your customers
  • The Broadcast Lists feature help you broadcast messages to your contacts

Each of these features helps keep you right in front of smooth messaging for your business purposes. And the platform looks promising, as more interesting features are on the way.

Download WhatsApp

In simple and easy ways, you are able to get this app into your smartphone. All you have to do is get on the App store on your device and you are just good to go!

  • On your smartphone, open your device’s app store.
  • In the search bar at the top of the page, type in and search for “WhatsApp Business”.
  • You will find search results on the next page.
  • Find and select this app, which should be the first on the list.
  • To proceed further, tap on the “Install” or “GET” button.

This should begin the download process, after which, you can open the app and follow the instructions to register.

WhatsApp Business Pricing

This business feature is absolutely free to download and use! The company does not charge its users for promoting their businesses through this messenger feature. You only have to make sure you’ve got mobile data or active Wi-Fi.

WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp

Are you wondering what difference there could be between both apps? They are completely separate from each other; however, they work in the same way. The only purpose of this business app is for connecting with your customers, rather than just friends and family. Here, you can easily keep in touch with people who need your services and manage every of their orders.

What is difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp is the messaging app’s consumer version, whereas WhatsApp Business is designed specifically for businesses. The primary distinction between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business is that businesses receive a verified and more detailed Business Profile, allowing customers to trust who they’re chatting with.

Can I use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp with same number?

As long as the accounts are linked to different phone numbers, you can use both the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Messenger at the same time. It is not possible to link the same phone number to both apps at the same time.


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