WhatsApp Business has provided a better way of organizing your business using the WhatsApp Business Tools to connect to your customers, as well as showcase your product and services in the catalogue. Install the app if you own a business and you want to keep in touch with your limitless number of customers.

WhatsApp Business Tools


You just have to connect to them via their mobile number saved in your mobile. You should consider reading more on this article to get more information about WhatsApp Business and its tools.


WhatsApp Business Tools

There are more than 2 billion people in over 180 countries who use WhatsApp to stay in touch and connect with friends and families, anytime and anywhere. The WhatsApp Business was established to maintain and organize your business as a business owner to these people using WhatsApp.

Using the WhatsApp Busines, you can also message users that operate in the WhatsApp app. But the WhatsApp Business provides more tools to which you can use to make smooth operations on your business.

WhatsApp Business

In most cases, we have been using the usual WhatsApp App. Here comes the WhatsApp Business App which can be used to organize your business by providing a good connection to your audience via showcasing your product and services online. Through this app, you can connect to your customers easily and safely. There is no need to pay any other fee for using it. Its services are free and easy to use.

Uses of WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp Business App has good uses, unlike the usual WhatsApp App. Here are the uses of the WhatsApp Business App:

  • Can be used to showcase a list of services you offer to your customers.
  • Easy keep-in-touch and interactions with the audience (customers).
  • Secured way of keeping your business private.
  • Safe and secure way of selling and buying products from a business owner.

How to Download WhatsApp Business

You will have to get the WhatsApp Business App downloaded before you can access it and the tools. Here is how you can get the WhatsApp Business downloaded on your mobile (iOS or Android mobile):

  • Connect your device to the internet.
  • Go to the mobile app store on your device.
  • Tap on the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Enter the word “WhatsApp Business”.
  • Search and tap on the WhatsApp Business icon with (B) on it. It is titled WA Business.
  • Either tap on Download or Get to install the app on your device.

After a while, the app will be downloaded and installed on your device. Just wait a while and check on your mobile app menu after it has been downloaded.

List of WhatsApp Business Tools

Since you have known about the WhatsApp Business and what it can be used for, I will be providing you information about the tools featured on the WhatsApp Business and what they are about. Here are the WhatsApp Business Tools and their uses:

Business Profile

Just like the name implies, the business profile is a WhatsApp Business Tool that manages the details and information about your business on WhatsApp, managing address, hours, and website. The business profile comprises of the below preferences:

    • Business Image: This will be your displayed image. It is visible to other users in your contact list, though the privacy can be edited.
    • Business Name: The business name is a title to which your business is named. Using the WhatsApp Business Name Tool is easy. You just have to make the first-word capital letters from each word on the business name (Fashion Beauty World).
    • Phone Number: Through the phone number provided, customers on your contact list can contact you on calls.
    • Business Description: Here you are to make a brief introduction and description of what your service offer.
    • Business Hours: The business hours are set time preferences you make to which your business is open to customers.
    • Address: You can provide a physical address of your business if it has one for customers who would prefer a physical business transaction.
    • Websites: Here you can add an online website of your business if it has one.
    • Categories: This is a subheading to describe majorly what your business is about.
    • About: You can add a brief about the business for customers to read.


The catalogue tool is a WhatsApp Business Tool that you can use to add the products and services that your business offers. On the catalogue page, you are to enter an image for the product, name, and price of the product. There is also room for other fields you can add about the product.

Away Message

This is an automatic reply your customers get when they message you and you are away or offline.

Greeting Messages

Here is a greeting message that your customer gets for the first time or after 14 days of no activities.

Quick Replies

You can edit shortcuts for frequently sent messages via this tool.


You can organize your customers and chats.

Linked Accounts

You can link your WhatsApp Business to other ap like Facebook, and Instagram. Here you can access the linked apps you’ve linked your WhatsApp Business to.

Short Link

This is a link to which you can send to customers for quick and direct conversations to your WhatsApp Business


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