The WhatsApp Dark Mode is now available for WhatsApp users. And this feature has just been of great help to so many people who make use of the app. What has this feature been able to do? Well, this feature has been expected to improve the experience of the users. Not just that! It has also been able to reduce the issue of battery consumption for phones! This happens more with those that possess the AMOLED display. Isn’t that amazing?

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Now you may begin to wonder what amazing feature this could be and how you can access it, right? This article will just be providing you with every detail that you need to know.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp’s long-awaited dark feature is finally here and is available to some users of this chat messaging app. This Facebook-owned chat messaging app has been announcing this dark mode for months now and it is available to only some parts of the world.

Research stated that this feature is currently available to Android phones; this applies to the Android 10 or Android Q. But, for iOS phones, we really are not certain when this feature will be released. How does this feature work? This new update on the WhatsApp chat messaging platform is here to help reduce the screen glare by replacing the background with a darker one. This helps to protect the eyes and also reduces your phone’s battery consumption.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

Before going further with the use of the WhatsApp Dark Mode, you should know that only Android Beta testers need to update their apps on the Google play store before they can access this dark mode feature. At the moment, users of this feature may encounter bugs, as it is only the beta version of WhatsApp that makes this app available. Rather, you can also wait a little longer, as this feature will soon be rolled out to all users. So, in case you are running a beta version, you should install WhatsApp from the Play Store to receive updates.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode Android

Before embarking on this, you should make sure to back up your chats on WhatsApp before installing the beta version of WhatsApp. How do you get to back up? All you have to do is getting into the settings of the app, tap on Chats, select Chat back up, and Back up.

So, how do you get to enable the WhatsApp Dark Mode on the beta app? Follow the steps below.

  • Get to the app and click on the “Three dots”, which are the menu button
  • Click on “Chats”
  • Just under the display option, select “Theme”
  • Select “Dark”

Here, you can also choose “Set by Battery Saver”. What does this do? WhatsApp will turn on the dark mode as soon as you turn on your battery saver.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Release Date

This dark mode is one of the most anticipated features on this chat messaging platform. Following other social media giants, WhatsApp has also declared its dark mode for users. However, it is not available to just everyone. It is still in testing mode and we really do not know when it will be released for general use.


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