WhatsApp Video Call – How to Make a WhatsApp Video Call


Have you ever wondered what the WhatsApp video call is? Whatsapp, as we know, is not new and has been quite around for a while now. Whatsapp is an online multi-media text messaging platform used to text and message both friends near and far away. Before we go into the Whatsapp video call proper, I would love us to go through a series of the things you can use the Whatsapp platform to do. The Whatsapp platform is a commonly used app worldwide. Whatsapp has different features that make its users get engaged in it. Some of these features are the Whatsapp video call. Come to think about it, you can easily text friend and relatives you have their contacts without airtime. All you need is an active data connection and a data plan.

WhatsApp Video Call - How to Make a WhatsApp Video Call

If you are common with Whatsapp you will know that unlike the facebook messenger, you can’t use one Whatsapp account on two devices. This is to reduce the activity you can do with one Whatsapp account. The feature gives you unlimited access to call all your contacts on video without airtime. However this feature has a limit or should I say a slight fault. You can only contact friends and relatives of which you have their contacts only if they are also registered on Whatsapp.

This equally means that you can only make Whatsapp video calls with friends. And relatives who are registered on the Whatsapp platform. Again you must understand the fact that to make Whatsapp video call, both you and the participant involved in the video call must have an internet connection and a data plan. If you feel that your camera is not clear. You can also connect your Whatsapp account to your pc and make a video call. This feature that enables you to connect your Whatsapp account to your pc is called Whatsapp web connect.

How to Make a WhatsApp Video Call

Now we have gotten to the main topic that brought you here today. As you want to learn about the Whatsapp video call. Well as this subheading suggests, I will be teaching you how to make a Whatsapp video call. To make a Whatsapp video call. Simply launch the Whatsapp app and click on the contact you wish to make a video call with. On your chats. You will find a video icon at the top, click on the video icon and you have already started a call.


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