Are you looking for the cost of Wheel Alignment Cost at Walmart? In this article we got you covered. Also, we will be giving you the basic required information you need to know about wheel alignment costs at Walmart. In this article, we will be talking about wheel alignment, why you need a wheel alignment and some others.

Wheel Alignment Cost Walmart

Wheel Alignment also known as tracking, is something you can get done at Walmart. The cost is reasonable, and it’s imperative to have this checked regularly but how much would it be for a wheel alignment cost Walmart?

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Wheel Alignment Cost Walmart

wheel alignment sometimes referred to as breaking, or tracking is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheel to the car manufacturer’s specifications. The purpose of this adjustment is to reduce tire wear and to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true. Alignment angles can also be altered beyond the maker’s specification to obtain a specific handling characteristic.

In addition, automotive alignment is the direction and angle at which the tires point while sitting on the road. If you do not have a proper auto alignment, not only will it impact the quality of your ride, but it will also cause the tires to wear down unevenly which costs you a lot of money to change them. There are a few different checkpoints that are analyzed during this service to ensure that the angles are optimal and set as required by the manufacturer.

Why do you Need Wheel Alignment?

It’s doubtful that your wheels are straight, especially if nobody has checked your wheel alignment for lots of years.

Many things affect your car’s alignment. These include

  • General wear and age.
  • Improperly fitted parts.
  • Not having your tracking redone when someone fitted new steering or suspension parts.
  • Hitting curbs.
  • Going over potholes.
  • A developing mechanical fault

As you can see above there are so many reasons why your wheel alignment may not be right. It’s not usually down to driver error, as well, although you should always take care to avoid hitting curbs regardless.

What Causes Tire Scrubbing

A tire that isn’t too straight causes scrubbing. Think of it. For example, if a tire were toeing in (pointing towards the car’s centerline), this would throw much of the car’s weight and momentum onto the tires outside edge. The inside edge and middle wouldn’t be doing much. As a result, you’d see a disproportionate amount of wear on the outside of the tire.

Does Walmart do Alignments

Yes of course Walmart does alignment, but not all of them. it’s not standard procedure to have a wheel alignment done after a new tire has been fitted, for example. You’ll have to ask for it specifically. Sometimes, the technicians may check it for you and give you advice on whether you should get the tracking adjusted.

Some Walmart auto care centres do wheel alignment. Take your car into your local branch of Walmart Auto centres and get an appointment.

How Long Does Wheel Alignment Take at Walmart?

At Walmart, wheel alignment should be expected to take less than an hour. A wheel alignment job would probably take up to 20-30 minutes in total, to put the car on the ramp, install all the equipment, make the necessary adjustments, and do a test drive.

Wheel Alignment Costs at Walmart

Now when talking about the cost of the alignment at Walmart, it depends on the kind of car you are using and also depends on the branch you go to, and the job you want to be done. But one thing you should know is that the cost of wheel alignment at Walmart is very much the market average.`


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