The core feature of cryptocurrency is the ability to make anonymous transactions. However, the most popular exchanges, such as Coinbase and Binance, require you to verify your identity to set up an account. This deprives you of anonymity, meaning your cryptocurrency transactions are just as easily monitored as regular bank transactions.

Where Can I Exchange ONT to GAS Anonymously?
Where Can I Exchange ONT to GAS Anonymously?

Top 3 Anonymous Ways to Exchange ONT to GAS

Anonymous exchange should be a priority for all crypto transactions. Luckily, there are services that require no identity verification whatsoever. Let’s look at the best places to anonymously exchange ONT to GAS.

Let’s Get to Know These Crypto Better

Gas and Ontology are two great cryptocurrencies you can swap anonymously. Here’s an overview of their key characteristics.


GAS is the currency used to power transactions on the NEO blockchain. It is used in a similar way to ETH (running smart contracts on Ethereum). However, one important difference is that NEO has two cryptocurrencies, NEO and GAS. NEO is used for voting on the blockchain, while GAS is purely for executing smart contracts. NEO is a smart contract platform, an alternative to Ethereum, started in China.


Ontology is a blockchain project providing decentralized solutions for data and privacy. It’s a layer 2 solution that allows enterprises to collaborate across different blockchains. Its stated goal is to bring trust, privacy, and security to Web3. One of its core use cases is ONTO Wallet — a wallet where you can manage your digital identity, data, and assets from one place.

List of Anonymous Exchangers for ONT and GAS

These are the top destinations where you can exchange ONT for GAS (and vice versa) without handing over any of your valuable sensitive information.


Godex is a simple and convenient anonymous cryptocurrency exchange. It allows trading of hundreds of cryptocurrencies with no volume limits and with fixed exchange rates. To complete an anonymous transaction with Godex, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Godex site
  2. Choose your cryptocurrency pair to trade (such as ONT to GAS)
  3. Put in your wallet address
  4. Wait for your deposit to finalize
  5. Exchange the currencies
  6. Complete the transaction


LetsExchange works in a similar way to Godex, with hundreds of currencies to trade and no trading limits. It has a slightly more complex exchange process detailed here:

  1. Open LetsExchange
  2. Select the currency pair you’d like to trade (ONT to GAS)
  3. Enter your wallet receiving address
  4. Enter any promo codes you have
  5. Choose if you’d like a floating or fixed exchange rate (the fixed one is locked for 30 minutes)
  6. Check your details
  7. Send to the deposit address
  8. Wait for finalization
  9. Transaction complete!


Changelly is a popular crypto exchange with an anonymous exchange feature on some cryptocurrency pairs. It has been working since 2015, supporting 200+ altcoins and Bitcoin. If you’d like to buy and sell using credit cards, you’ll have to verify your identity. Changelly offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as an Android apk.

The process is similar to the two services above: inputting your currency pair and receiving wallet address, then sending it to the deposit wallet to execute the transaction. Changelly doesn’t store your funds, so you may rest assured that you won’t fall prey to hackers.

Is It Profitable to Exchange ONT to GAS Now?

PricePrediction sees ONT rising to around 5% from June to the end of 2022. It also predicts GAS will fall around 5% as the cryptocurrency market cools for the rest of the year, and GAS has less demand on the NEO network. This implies swapping ONT to GAS should be postponed. It may be profitable to go in the other direction, swapping GAS for ONT.

Anonymous Exchange – Key to Your Security

Private transactions and absolute ownership of assets were the most important promises of cryptocurrencies. Anonymous exchanges are available right now for anyone who wants to trade without handing over any personal information. The three on this list are great options to add to your list and guarantee your privacy while making crypto transactions.


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