Why Can’t I See Items on Facebook Marketplace?

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So many Facebook users do ask this question “why can’t I see items on facebook marketplace”? This is the question they normally ask whenever they cannot find a product on facebook marketplace. Whenever you come across this on your facebook, you should not be surprised at all. Because I going to tell you the reason why you can’t see items on the facebook marketplace.

Why Can't I See Items on Facebook Marketplace?

Why Can’t I See Items on Facebook Marketplace?

There is only one thing that is involved in this kind of situation, which I am about to speak about now. The only reason why you can’t see items on facebook marketplace is that the marketplace is not available in all the countries. The marketplace as not be extended to all the countries in the world, facebook marketplace was available in only 50 countries before but later run it was extended to 85 countries.

The Facebook marketplace is now available in 35 countries more. Let me draw your mind back to the facebook marketplace, because the more you get to know about the facebook marketplace, the more you will know why you can’t see items on facebook marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is just like the eBay and Gumtreemarketplace, facebook uses the marketplace in other to extend its businessmodel. This helps to include an online feature that lets users as we know, buy andsell goods to people that live in your area or community and also to people allover the world. Facebook marketplace is known as a digital marketplace wherepeople can gather for a buy, sell and trade propose with other people. You canbuy or sell products based on category or location and also create your ownproduct listing too.

Facebook Marketplace Not Working

I have mentioned this earlier on in this article. The onlyreason why the facebook marketplace will not be working for you is that thefacebook marketplace is not yet available in your region or country.  Know that, you cannot access the Facebookplatform or the facebook marketplace if you are not a user of facebook. It isvery important you should sign up for an account on facebook before thinking ofhow you can see items on the facebook marketplace.

How to Create a Facebook Account?

I am not going to be listing the steps down as I use too.What I am going to give you more like a guideline that will direct you on howyou can sign up an account on Facebook. you can use the Facebook mobile app orvisit the Facebook website on www.facebook.com on your browser. Then followthe instructions given to you on the sign-up page, that is all for that.


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