Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your App Development? Read on to find out why you should choose Flutter for mobile app development. Flutter has recently emerged as a buzzword in mobile app development.

Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your App Development?

However, Flutter is one of the most popular and innovative UI software development kits on the market today. Thus, it is notable for its open-source nature and cross-platform capabilities.

Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your App Development?

Flutter was established in 2017 with the aim of simplifying mobile app development. A lot of apps can be developed using this highly flexible and scalable SDK. The platforms include iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and the web.

So why do you go with Flutter? Flutter is basically the most widely used SDK in the mobile app development industry today. With this tool, you can develop mobile apps that work smoothly on any device.

Also, with its support from Google XD, it has already been chosen by lots of companies for developing mobile apps, including Google Ads, Alibaba, and App Tree. Before listing reasons, you should use this tool, and find out how it works.

How does Flutter work?

Mobile UI frameworks based on Flutter are free and open-source. It is a platform for developing UI components that can be used anywhere, for example, a codebase can be used to create a font that works on both Android and iOS.

However, the platform consists of two main components, which are:

A Software Development Kit: An SDK comes with tools that aid in developing an application, like a compiler for converting the code into native code (Android and iOS).

A Framework with a UI Library: UI components (sliders, buttons, text inputs, etc.) are reusable to reduce the time it takes to develop the app.

Reasons why mobile app developers should use Flutter

The following are the top reasons why Flutter is the best mobile app development solution.

  • A good framework for developing mobile apps that are reactive

Flutter makes use of a reactive framework to develop mobile apps. The software development kit lets you modify the user interface without having to manually update the UI content. Though you can modify the UI by changing the variables, it is not possible to completely remove them. And the user interface will automatically update whenever a variable is changed.

  • Offers a single codebase for multiple platforms.

Since this software development kit comes with its own widgets, it is independent of the platform, thereby allowing you to develop mobile applications quickly and easily. However, Flutter lets you develop on native iOS and Android platforms simultaneously, eliminating the need to write separate code. Moreover, you only need to build one codebase to run your application across multiple platforms.

  • It is easy to learn and use.

Mobile app development is made very easy with Flutter’s contemporary framework. The Flutter tool can also be learned rapidly and easily by mobile developers. So, with this tool, you can build outstanding mobile apps without any coding.

Apart from its documentation, Flutter offers training to its users. So, if users wish to improve their Flutter skills, they can refer to the documentation available on Flutter’s official website. Additionally, Flutter can be seamlessly integrated with low-end devices.

  • Develops mobile applications that are versatile.

Flutter app development tool comes with a variety of inbuilt widgets that can be customized and combined in order to build mobile applications. So that you can provide users with a native experience, these widgets are designed to provide viewers with eye-catching user interfaces (UIs). Moreover, you can also create your own widgets with Flutter based on your preferences.

  • Scan capabilities for mobile apps

App developers can build mobile apps using the Flutter Scanner tool, which includes barcode scanning, QR code scanning, optical character recognition, and advanced data extraction features that can process data from documents and identify data in invoices.

  • provides MVP features.

Flutter is called a “minimum viable product.” MVP lets you develop a basic version of your app with minimal features for you to share with potential customers, test it, and then better understand if they like it.

In addition, it allows you to collect user feedback to improve your app. However, MVPs are extremely useful if you want to give your clients a clear picture of your app in a short amount of time.

  • There’s an Inbuilt Animation Library

The development of mobile software is incomplete without animations. The main reason you should add animation to mobile apps is to improve the user experience and make them more appealing.

So, with the Flutter kit, developers have access to a built-in animation library to make their apps more visually appealing. You will find different animation packages included in this framework, such as Flutter Sequence Animation, Simple Animations, Animated Widgets, the Flutter animation set, Tweener, Sprung, TweenMe, Flutter Steps Animation, and more.

  • Eliminates the need to integrate with third parties

Flutter includes a plethora of libraries for mobile app development. Not only that, the platform gives room for testing, navigation, stateful management, UI rendering elements, and more; third-party integrations are not necessary.

What apps are made using Flutter?

Google AdWords Manager is a mobile app that lets you manage Google AdWords campaigns from your smartphone. Moreover, you can track ad output from anywhere, not just your workplace. It’s a condensed desktop platform for tracking your ad output.

Watermaniac: With the Flutter framework, Watermaniac is an app for lightweight water monitoring. This application helps consumers monitor their water use. You can create recurring targets, track your consumption history, and get reminders when it’s time to consume again.

Lunching: With Launch, you can order food for delivery using your mobile phone. Flutter is a popular method of delivering food that has been successful in experiments with new architecture. So, employees within an organization can use the app to order food. If users are paid, they can also make bulk payments or pay in smaller installments.

Is Flutter a good choice?

Yes, it is. Flutter is definitely the best choice when it comes to cross-platform development, including web and mobile app development.

Is Flutter good for big projects?

Yes, it is. It’s a wise decision to use Flutter for your large projects because it helps you with better performance and optimizes time spent building cross-platform applications for varied OS platforms and screens.


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