Windows Alternative to MacBook Pro? In as much as some people may deride the MacBook Pro for its Cons such as awful keyboard, annoying Touch Bar and overreliance on Thunderbolt/USB-C connections, its balance of screen quality, weight, battery life, and many more. However, now that OLED displays are in the market, that balance is tipping.

Windows Alternative to MacBook Pro - The Best Windows Alternatives to Apple's MacBook Pro

OLED offers high contrast, as well as a wide gamut of colors and a high dynamic range that can rival or outperform the MacBook’s Retina Display.


Windows Alternative to MacBook Pro

The new M1-chip-based 13-inch MacBook Pro may have a performance advantage compared with similarly sized Windows alternatives, but there are still compatibility issues, plus the fact that Apple’s jacked up the prices of the Intel-based models, which make it less of a slam dunk relative to the Windows systems than it might otherwise have been.

Alternatives for MacBook Pro

Here are some of the window’s alternatives to MacBook pro;

  • HP Envy x360 13.
  • Lenovo Yoga 9i.
  • Dell XPS 17 9700.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook.
  • Razer Book 13.

Here we have listed the alternatives, it is now time to explain little about each of them.

HP Envy x360 13- Best inexpensive 13-inch 2-in-1 alternative

The HP Envy x360 13 makes a great pick for an older high-school or college student or anyone searching for a small, stylish, and easy-to-travel-with two-in-one. It’s lightweight at just less than 3 pounds (1.3 kg) and battery life is long despite the size. It’s also available with a choice of AMD Ryzen 5-4500U or Intel 11th-gen Core processors.

Lenovo Yoga 9i – Best 14-inch 2-in-1 alternative

Lenovo Yoga 9i is a slightly updated and renamed version of the Yoga C940, the Yoga 9i is just a little bigger than a 13-inch MacBook Pro, fast, attractive, and feature-packed. And also, it gives you something you can’t get in a MacBook: the 360-degree screen that lets you use it as a tablet or prop it up in a tent or kiosk configuration.

Dell XPS 17 9700 – Best MacBook Pro 16 alternative

The Dell XPS 17 9700 with the 4K screen option delivers, and it’s not as reflective as the OLED screens. Dell’s Premier Color software isn’t perfect, but it gives you more control over screen settings than most I’ve seen, and it’s got two Thunderbolt 3 controllers to make your external drives happy. Also, it is heavier than the MacBook, but not much bigger, especially given its larger 17-inch screen.

While its battery life isn’t terrific, its performance can certainly keep up. The XPS 17 has been refreshed since this review, and just started shipping; the older model.

Razer Blade 17

The Razer Blade 17 is a strong runner-up here if you want to trade higher performance and a similar design for a bigger, heavier model. Although the 2021 version has not been tested yet, there’s nothing that should have changed our high opinion of it: It’s gotten faster components and better screen options; one lone older model remains on sale for $2,900.

You can proceed to get this Blade 17 laptop with its 4K-resolution display option for creators, its newly ubiquitous 165Hz 1440p laptop screens, and that resolution is a great match for the screen size without the 4K overkill.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook – Best budget option

Leno IdeaPad is cheaper than even the MacBook Air, with roughly the same footprint but lighter. Thus, the 14-inch Flex 5 has the flexibility of a two-in-one if everything you do is cloud-based. It has a sleek look and feels at a Chrome OS price make it a cost-effective alternative.


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