Windows Movie Maker Alternatives? Searching for best windows Movie Maker alternatives? If yes, this write-up is for you. However, to locate the best replacement tool for you, there are important factors to consider when researching such as its features and files.

Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - The Best Alternatives to Windows Movie Maker

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Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

This article has gone a long way to unveil a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives to Windows Movie Maker some of the solutions are as follows, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia, iMovie, Filmora. Vegas pro, Animotica, etc. To get the full package that comes with this article, kindly read to the end.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Camtasia.
  • iMovie.
  • Filmora.
  • DaVinci Resolve.
  • Vegas Pro.
  • Animotica.

Here are the top alternatives to Windows Movie Maker.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing and production software and a great replacement for movie makers. Reviewers say compared to Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro is slower to reach Roi, more expensive, and also better at meeting requirements.


Camtasia is another outstanding tool for making movies. Camtasia gives you the tools you need to truly customize and edit your videos, more than a simple screen recorder. Reviewers say compared to Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia is slower to reach Roi, a bit expensive, and better at support.


iMovie is software designed for Mac. It lets you enjoy your videos like never before. You can search for your clips easily, instantly share your favorite moments, and create Hollywood‑style trailers and beautiful movies at stunning 4K resolution.

According to reviewers, compared to Windows Movie Maker, iMovie is slower to reach Roi, better at support, and easier to admin.


Filmora is a video editor that is used to express your creativity and amaze with beautiful results. Reviewers say compared to Windows Movie Maker, Filmora is: Slower to reach Roi, more expensive, better at support.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve software combines professional non-linear video editing with an advanced color corrector so now you can edit, color correct, finish and deliver all from one system! However according to reviewers, compared to Windows Movie Maker, DaVinci Resolve is: Slower to reach Roi, better at meeting requirements, better at support.

Microsoft Photos

Knowing that Windows Movie Maker can no longer be accessed by Windows 10 users, there are still ways one can make simple videos on their computers, using Video Editor, which comes with Microsoft Photos. However, to access this tool, you can just search ‘Video Editor’ on your computer or open Microsoft Photos and then click ‘Video Project’ to get started anytime.

This software lets you handle basic editing tasks which include trimming, speed, motion, text, filters, background music, and even 3D effects.


Animotica is best if you are looking for a balance between quality and usability. The software was designed with a more intuitive, yet creative outlook that makes navigation super-easy for beginners. Even if you want to perform very minimal video editing tasks or want to create pro-level video clips, this software has just the tools to get the show on the road.

However, Animotica comes with a rich library of transition effects, audio tracks, filters, stickers, and more. Also, users can make slideshows and animated logos with Animotica, making it a very versatile tool for everyone. Moreover, it is free to use.


Avidemux is an open-source video editing app with pretty basic features and is entirely free to use. With this software, you can easily cut, filter, and encode your videos. Its key strength is its ability to accommodate several file types such as AVI, MP4, ASF, etc. Avidemux is not only accessible on Windows. It can also be accessed on Linux and Mac O.

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad video editor makes use of a vintage interface that makes you feel a bit old-school. And its boasts intuitive, fast editing, and has been lauded by some for its quick video stream processing.

The software also supports all video formats you can think of and packs over 50 transition effects for professional editing. Moreover, it only offers a free version for ‘non-commercial use.’


Shotcut is a free, open-source, cross-platform video editor. The video editor could be seen as a high-end alternative to Windows Movie Maker because it comes with a pro-looking interface. It also packs extra features that give you the head-start if you want to handle more complex video editing tasks over time.

Further, it comes with a lot of features that are too long to be included here but be rest assured that it covers all the features of Windows Movie Maker and adds a whole more such as 3-point editing, deinterlacing, clip reverse, etc.


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