Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives? Do you want to find out the best replacement for windows photo viewers? You’re in the right direction. Microsoft brought many changes to the foundation of Windows OS, With the release of Windows 10 in 2015.

Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives - Best Photo Viewer for Windows 2021

One of the main changes was overhauling the Windows Photo Viewer and replacing it with a modern-looking Photos app.

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Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives

The performance took a large hit with the new software and still in 2020, the software takes much time before it previews an image. This has been one of the major problems among Windows users as most people generally browse photos on their Windows PC.

However, this article will be unveiling an outstanding Windows Photo Viewer replacement, so ensure you read to the end. Below is the top replacement for Windows Photo Viewer;


IrfanView is one of the best application software for viewing photos on Windows PCs. However, unlike W Photo Viewer, it’s extremely snappy and loads images in no time. The difference in performance is simply day and night given that IrfanView is a pretty lightweight software. It also comes with a footprint of just 3 MB so there’s no bloatware embedded in the app.

it supports many media formats, has a decent in-built image editor, can convert media files, batch edit images, and a lot more. However, you can also zoom images and switch to different images with the scroll bar.


If you want a similar performance to Irfanview, but with modernized aesthetics, ImageGlass is a great alternative for you. ImageGlass is a simple, modern-looking photo viewer without any bells and whistles, but the performance is vastly superior to the native Windows 10 Photos app.

However, the image loading time is almost negligible and you get an instant preview of the images the moment you open them. The software has quick access to all important features like rotation, zoom, print, etc. On the top menu. So, if you want to rotate an image, just tap on the rotate tab and there you have it.

Bring Back Windows 7 Photo Viewer

For most people, the simple photo viewer on Windows 7 was the best app to access images. It was fast, efficient, and worked without any problem. So, if you need the same app on Windows 10 you can get back the old Windows 7 Photo Viewer on Windows 10 easily and without any workarounds. Here is how to achieve it.

Download the Registry file to activate the old Windows Photo Viewer from here. Launch the Registry file. I will seek your permission, kindly allow it. It will also ask for your final permission before merging the file with your Registry. Then, open Windows Settings by pressing “Windows” and “I” keys at once. Here, click on “Apps”.

The next step is to switch to the “Default Apps” button on the left pane and change the default photo viewer to “Windows Photo Viewer. You can now proceed to open images.


XnView is a popular software for viewing photos on Windows computers. What makes XnView outstanding from other apps is that it can handle lots of images in a single, tabbed window. Having a one-stop window for all the open images makes it easier for users to view and navigate to all the photos at the same time.

Take for instance you want to compare multiple images side by side, then it can organize the images in a single window with the ability to view images in detail. However, you can zoom, change the orientation, and start a slideshow all within one window.

FastStone Image Viewer

This app is great for people who always want to view the images in full-screen mode. FastStone is pretty fast, opens a range of image formats, and gives you a complete view of the image in its entirety. If you are a photo editor, its full-screen preview can help you a lot in getting a clear idea of the image.

However, this application is primarily designed for users who work on images all day long. There are also a few editing features such as color management, viewing histograms, changing effects, etc.


HoneyView is an amazing, simple, and lightweight photo viewer for the Windows platform. It doesn’t fancy a long list of features like other apps in this list but offers a minimal interface with stable performance. Image loading with this software is fairly quick and you won’t find any sort of lag issues.

However, the HoneyView app has all the basic features including crop, rotation, slideshow, etc. Users can bookmark an image and find it quickly whenever they are browsing photos on their PC. Also, they can copy multiple images in the clipboard and paste them into predefined folders.


XnViewMP is an advanced alternative to Windows Photo Viewer that offers robust features for managing and viewing images. It supports a wide range of image formats and provides a versatile interface for organizing and editing your photos.

One standout feature of XnViewMP is its ability to handle batch conversions and batch renaming of image files, making it a powerful tool for photographers and digital media professionals.

With XnViewMP, you can create contact sheets, and slideshows, and even capture screenshots directly from the software. It’s a comprehensive solution for those who need more than just a basic image viewer.


While Microsoft’s Windows Photo Viewer has undergone changes over the years, there are several excellent alternatives available to enhance your photo-viewing experience on Windows PCs.

Whether you prefer a lightweight and speedy viewer like IrfanView, a modernized option like ImageGlass, a nostalgic return to the Windows 7 Photo Viewer, a multi-tabbed approach with XnView, or advanced features in FastStone Image Viewer and XnViewMP, you have a range of choices to suit your needs.

Select the alternative that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s focused on speed, aesthetics, organization, or advanced functionality. These alternatives can help you efficiently view, manage, and edit your image files without the performance drawbacks associated with the default Windows 10 Photos app.


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