WISE Prize for Education 2021 – 2021 World Innovation Summit for Education

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WISE Prize for Education 2021 nomination period is now open for applicants to apply. The WISE Prize for Education recognizes an individual or a team for their outstanding contribution to education. Also, for their resolve to develop an idea further.

The WISE Prize for Education celebrates and shares the laureate’s vision in building the future of education by providing the Laureate(s) tailored support over two years to scale their impact.

WISE Prize for Education 2021

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This Prize is not a grant scheme that is aimed at supporting new projects or organizations. Rather it is aimed at recognizing the accomplishment of an individual or team in education and also their potential in shaping the future of education.

WISE Prize for Education 2021 Benefits

The Laureate(s) will receive a US $ 500,000 cash prize dedicated to continuing their work in education and a medal.


Nominations are open from now until February 1, 2021.

Eligibility for Nominee and Nominator


The 2021 WISE Prize for Education selection process only accepts nominations. Self-nominations will not be considered.

  • Potential WISE Prize for Education candidates can be researchers, education practitioners, policymakers, organization leaders and can belong to any education sector such as early childhood education, K-12, higher education, vocational training, differently-abled development, informal education, and many other education sectors.
  • They can be from any part of the world as long as they meet the above eligibility.


  • The nominator must be an individual and not an organization, the nominator could be working with the nominee, part of their community, one of the nominee’s end beneficiaries, or have no relationship with the nominee.
  • The nominator will fill out the nomination form and should know the nominee’s work very well to be qualified.
  • The nominator can fill out the nomination form without informing or asking for information from the nominee.
  • As a nominator, you can also request information from the nominee to fill the form.
  • Needed contact information should be provided by the nominator, in case the program team would like to contact the nominator for further details.

Eligible Nominees

The achievements of the nominated individual or team should have had a significant and lasting impact on education at any level and should demonstrate an inspiring and visionary approach. The following criteria should be met by the nominees:

  • Commitment to Education: The nominee(s) has proven a continuous commitment to addressing education challenge(s) locally or internationally
  • Positive Systemic Innovation: the nominee(s) is a catalyst for systemic change by creating innovative solutions to local or international education challenge(s).
  • Leadership: the vision of the nominee(s) is not only innovative but contextually challenges the status quo. The nominee(s) is the driving force behind the project/organization, not simply the director. The nominee has the energy and aspiration to continue growing the impact of his or her work.
  • Sustainable Impact: the contribution of the nominee(s) generates a positive and sustainable impact in the lives of the targeted beneficiaries. Shortlisted nominee(s) must clearly outline how the WISE Prize for Education will optimize, grow, and scale their impact.


To fill the nomination form, you need to have an account.

You can Fill Nomination Form Here

For more information, visit the WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) webpage.


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