Do you want to Migrate your WordPress Site to another hosting provider that you feel offers more services than the previous one WordPress Migration is what you need? For any reason known to you. Do you get services that are poor in output? These and many reasons could count for why one needs to migrate its WordPress site to either a new host or a better one.

WordPress Migration - WordPress Migration Plugin | WordPress Premium Migrating Service

WordPress migration services are always available with offers. Some offer free service while others offer premium service whichever you prefer. However, knowing how to successfully use WordPress migration without any downtime, and how to migrate on the WordPress site manually is very essential.

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WordPress Migration

How to migrate a WordPress site to a new domain. It will enhance your successful migration. Keep reading as I unveiled more on WordPress Migration. WordPress Migration is the movement of a WordPress that is installed already to another server without any issues in its original functions.

However, before you begin the process of migrating your WordPress, they must be reasons. Some reasons may be as:

  • Moving a local WordPress website to a Live server.
  • Migrating to a better hosting service. Maybe that is more favorable for you, maybe in terms of the price or quick services
  • Or moving from a subsidiary domain to the main directory.

Any of these reasons may be why you are migrating your site. Migration of site can be lots of trouble and complication. Let’s show you the best migration services so far.

WordPress Migration Tools

WordPress migration tools are manuals and premium. First, let’s see the manual and free migration services tools. They’re as follows;

All-in-One WP Migration

This platform offers services by allowing you to duplicate and install it on the new site. The All-in-One plug-ins function in three dimensions in the admin screen, that’s Import, Export, and Backups.

The import enhances uploading of the site, while export allows you to create copies of your original sites, next backups offer a safe place for your data in case your host did not safely place your files.

However, when you move your site, then you are installing WordPress on a new server, setting up a plugin, and then using the import function to copy them to the new site.


These are the features of All-in-One WP migration;

  • It has been tested and proven as one of the best by many well-known hosting providers.
  • It enhances the upload of your site copying through the dashboard, or via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with the help of its Backup option.
  • This tool excludes some parts from the process of migration these are plug-ins and themes if there are set.

Why you must use All-in-One WP Migration because it’s the best option for individuals who do not want to use different installation scripts. This includes Duplicators. Also, using it makes you to handle the whole migration process while you’re still on your dashboard.


The Duplicators WordPress allows you to carry it two major functions. First, create and copy or duplicate your site. Second, to instantly install it on the new site. When you’re through with the plugin installation, you’ll see a new Duplicator widget on your dashboard. Next, create and apply your duplicates. It’s just a simple process.

However, the new package has an installer that allows you to set up the process when you like by using the WordPress process without the Duplicator on the new site.


The features of Duplicator are as follows:

  • It offers you the lust of your previous copies and you can create new duplicates as fast as possible.
  • You can create your schedule backups and upload the same to the cloud but it’s in the premium version at
  • It allows you to scan your site before and after all the migration processes and see that it’s complete and good.

Duplicator is necessary and it’s the simplest process of migration, especially for a beginner. You can run your own diagnosis afterward to ensure you took the right process.

The Premium WordPress Migration Services

Just like you’ve discussed the free services of WordPress Migration. Let’s see the best two premium WordPress Migration Services. There are:


This is a company that is solely rendering WordPress migration services for just a small fee. There is no WordPress migration-related issues they’ve not to handled or are not capable of handling.

Using their proven tools and with their expert team, you’re sure they can handle your content, users, design, and features all that accompany the migration process with precision.


The Fantastic features include the following;

  • They help you handle migrations from WordPress to your personal self-host WordPress.
  • Any issues after the successful migration including fixing bugs, they’re good on it.
  • Their migration services do not take much time without downtime. It can be concluded in at least 72 hours.

The basic services of this platform are for migration purposes even as they offer hosting services too. Fantastic is a good option for users that need to set up a site and get it functioning without issues. Its price is small and affordable met their team to get a quote at

The company is a professional migration service that is ready to make site owners smile. By supporting them in the migration process and as well as maintenance support to ensure the smooth running of the site.

Also, they handle web development strategy and design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Audits, and Premium plugin support services. Any WordPress users that need any services will surely need them for efficient services.


The features of are as follows:

  • No matter how difficult the migration process is, it’s not too hard for
  • Their services are not only limited to WordPress migration services. They offer other services including web development, big-picture strategizing, marketing, and design.’s price can be well discussed when you contact them at

Therefore, using the above-mentioned WordPress Migration Services will enable you to migrate successfully without any hick.


What is WordPress migration?

WordPress migration typically done by those people that have a WordPress websites or platforms. WordPress migration is typically moving a WordPress install from one server to another without affecting its functionality. One of such reason for migrating a WordPress platform migration is simply switching from one hosting provider to a better one.

How do I migrate my WordPress site for free?

You can make use of many of the plugins that are available on your website to migrate it for free today. One of the most recommended plugins that can be used to migrate a WordPress domain is the migrate Guru which you have to download on the side that wants to migrate to. Once the plugin has been downloaded simply choose the destination web host that you want to migrate to.

What is the best WordPress Migration plugin?

There are literally thousands of plugins that you can use to migrate your website which is in WordPress some of these plugins are listed below:

  • Duplicator Pro
  • UpdraftPlus Premium
  • Jetpack
  • All-in-One WP Migration and others.

How much does it cost to migrate a WordPress site?

Migrate a website from one WordPress platform to another typically cost you between $300 to $400 depending on the service you use. Some WordPress migration services even add extra functions such as content Retention domain name transfer and other necessary SEO services. All you need to do is simply pick the one that is best for you.


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