Working in France While Studying – This article will be very encouraging for those who would like to study and work in France at the same period of time. Studying overseas is not a piece of cake, especially when the country of destination has a higher currency than yours, for this reason, some countries have simplified the process and granted access for international students to work while studying.

Working in France While Studying

Working in France While Studying

Although you have been given a permit to both study and work in Franc, there are a few jobs that will be favourable to you while you study. Keep reading to see these jobs.

What you should pay attention to before working and studying in France

France is a very nice place to study and studying in France will be an unforgettable experience. You may encounter difficulties during the recruitment process. This section is designed to respond to such situations. To avoid unforeseen difficulties when applying to study in France, please read the following information before moving to France to study or work.

  • Do not hesitate to register with CAF. CAF is an amount of money given to students by the government to help them find accommodation.
  • You can visit and travel everywhere
  • Get ready to work hard if you want to study at a French university
  • You will have to learn French.
  • Be a smart customer if you want to save money
  • Meet new people, make friends
  • Open a local bank account

You must follow these instructions so that you don’t miss many opportunities in France and make the most of your stay there.

Working in France 

As I said, studying in France is not difficult. French law allows foreign students to work 964 hours part-time per year. This means you can get extra income by working part-time in France. As an international student, you are entitled to the French minimum wage, also known as the SMIC-Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance. This value is EUR 9.76 gross per hour.

This is a gross amount, which means you will have to deduct compulsory social security benefits. This means you will be left with € 7.61 per hour. Another thing to note is that while studying in France, you will no longer need a temporary work permit to work in France while studying.

Now, what types of jobs you can do in France while studying.

Jobs that you can do while studying in France

Below are the types of part-time jobs you can do while studying in France.

These jobs can easily be filled by any foreign student in France and remember that you are paid the minimum wage while working.


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